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Dengue, up to ten visits a day at Spallanzani for vaccines

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Dengue, up to ten visits a day at Spallanzani for vaccines

Spallanzani Institute in Rome offers Dengue fever vaccine as tourist season approaches

As the summer tourist season approaches, the Spallanzani Institute in Rome has seen an increase in visitors seeking the Dengue fever vaccine. According to the director of the High Intensity Treatment Infectious Diseases unit, Emanuele Nicastri, up to 10 people a day have been visiting the institute to inquire about and receive the vaccine.

Nicastri explains that in the early days, many citizens came with questions and curiosities about Dengue fever, a disease that is still seen as exotic. However, as the days went by, patients with previous infections or long stays in endemic areas, such as tourists, missionaries, multinational workers, and embassy officials traveling to South America where Dengue is becoming an emergency, began to arrive.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the Dengue fever vaccine for those who have had a previous infection or are planning a prolonged stay in endemic countries. The vaccine requires two doses 90 days apart, providing travelers with ample time to prepare for their trips.

Looking ahead to the spread of Dengue in Italy, Nicastri outlines three scenarios: minimal cases or none, sporadic introductions requiring increased attention and containment efforts, and a more severe outbreak with indigenous focal points. However, Nicastri reassures the public that they are prepared for any scenario, with a vaccine available that has been proven effective.

With the Dengue fever vaccine now available at the Spallanzani Institute, travelers and residents alike can take proactive steps to protect themselves against this potentially dangerous disease.

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