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Dengue virus, emergency in Brazil and Argentina

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Dengue virus, emergency in Brazil and Argentina

The dengue virus has caused a state of emergency in Brazil and Argentina, prompting health officials in Italy to take precautions. With over 40 thousand cases reported in Brazil and over 135 thousand cases in Argentina, the virus has become a major public health concern in South America. Tragically, there have been 68 deaths attributed to the virus in the region.

In response to the outbreak, Italian authorities have implemented stringent measures to prevent the spread of the virus within their borders. At Fiumicino Airport, planes are being disinfected and passengers are being subjected to thorough health screenings as a precaution.

The dengue virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, making it imperative for authorities to take proactive measures to prevent its spread. With the number of cases on the rise, there is growing concern about the potential for the virus to spread to other regions.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is crucial for countries to remain vigilant and take all necessary steps to prevent the further spread of the dengue virus. It is a global concern that requires a coordinated effort to address and contain.

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