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Dental health: How periodontitis and diabetes are related

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Dental health: How periodontitis and diabetes are related

DNumerous studies in recent years have shown the serious interactions between diabetes and gingivitis, known in technical terms as periodontitis. But this awareness is only slowly finding its way into practice. “Diabetes and periodontitis are systemic diseases and go beyond the boundaries of organs and disciplines. A holistic treatment approach is all the more important,” says Romy Ermler, Vice President of the German Dental Association.

Inga Hahn from Hamburg also suffers from the dental disease – and she is not an isolated case. An estimated three quarters of the almost nine million diabetics in Germany suffer from periodontitis. Compared to non-diabetics, they have one three times the risk for inflammation of the gums and periodontium. And: In them, the disease is more severe and difficult to treat. For example, patients lose more teeth than people with healthy blood sugar levels. The inflammation also makes it difficult to control blood sugar and can even promote the onset of the disease.

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