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Depression at 50, with a test you can tell if you’re at risk, the all-Italian idea can be used online

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Depression at 50, with a test you can tell if you’re at risk, the all-Italian idea can be used online

Depression at 50: This age group and above are considered to be very at risk. The University of Ferrara and Bologna have devised a test.

By answering a few questions, anonymously, you receive an evaluation and you can decide to go further with your doctor.


The depression it is a condition of disability that every year affects more and more people. Not only the very young, who are among the most at risk, but also mature people.

Obviously we are not talking about a small momentary discomfort, an emotionally tiring period, but about actual disease. A sneaky disease, which it hurts deeplywhich is difficult to diagnose and also to curebecause it manifests itself in so many ways.

From a simple one difficulties in interpersonal relationshipsfor example, you can switch to emotional conditions that jeopardize relationships with partners and colleagues/employers. In even a short space of time, the depressed person can find himself in a vortex from which he is no longer able to get out, and in the meantime he loses affection, work and economic stability. There is who, how extreme reasonacts harmfully, towards himself or towards others.

Depression in Italy is on the rise

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the lockdowns, as well as the continuous alarms on various issues, have increased the trend and the incidence of cases. Both among young adults (18-30 years old) and among the over 50s.

Of course Institutions can do a lot, in concert with family doctorsto make the entire population aware that Depression can strike anyone, at any time. We can cure it and improve the state of health, but first we can try to prevent itoh you understand in time that we are at risk.

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Thanks to extensive studies performed by Italian universities from Ferrara e Bolognatogether with Karolinska Institute and the Weill Medical College della Cornell University, now we have one more weapon. Here’s what it is.

Depression at 50, with a test you can tell if you’re at risk, the all-Italian idea can be used online

We can understand if we are subject to risk in different ways, obviously addressing ours first doctor. The figure who knows us the most will certainly be able to make us do it further analysis and specialist visits and understand in time if there is any problem a psychological level.

Before all this, however, we can also take advantage of an innovative testwhich is available online, completely free and above all anonymous. It’s called “Manto” and by connecting to the official website we have the possibility to run it in a few minutes.

The test is the the result of extensive work carried out by Italian and international professionals. As can be seen from the description of the same, “The Manto Depression Risk Calculator has been developed for adults 55 years of age and older and is suitable for use by individuals who wish to learn about their risk of developing depression“.

How does the test work?

After the user has answered a few questionsthe calculator will issue a response and the subject can understand if you have a prerepension to depression. Of course it is about an indicationand it’s up to the person eventually decide whether to deepen with a professional and/or with your doctor.

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It is nonetheless about one more toolwho wants helping people to become aware of one’s well-being or psychological discomfort, through a simple test.

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