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Detoxify your body: Five simple stretching exercises will stimulate your lymphatic system

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Detoxify your body: Five simple stretching exercises will stimulate your lymphatic system

What does a nasty sore throat have to do with the lymphatic system? Quite a lot. A swollen throat is annoying, but it also means your lymphatic system is doing its job to get rid of the flu or cold as quickly as possible.

Lymphatic system transports toxins out of the body

In addition to the blood circulation, the lymphatic system is the second circulatory organ in the body and takes on an important detoxification function.

The body produces more than five liters of lymph (a milky-watery fluid) every day, which carries waste products to the liver and kidneys, where they are finally excreted. The lymphatic system flushes infections and toxins out of the body and thus cleanses the entire organism.

Lots of water, exercise, a healthy diet and little stress form the basis for an intact lymphatic system.

Boost the lymphatic system: 5 simple exercises help immediately

The physiotherapist Dr. Leython Williams advises supporting the lymphatic system with certain stretching exercises and thus preventing illnesses. “Stretching helps lymph fluid move throughout the lymphatic system, releasing blockages, reducing swelling, and promoting healthy movement of nutrients and waste.”

These simple and effective exercises help the lymphatic system and can be integrated into everyday life at any time of the day:

1. Shrug

The first exercise starts while sitting or standing – the main thing is that the position is comfortable. First, breathe deeply in and out a few times before pulling both shoulders up to your ears as you inhale and slowly lowering them again as you exhale. You can repeat the whole thing up to 10 to 15 times.

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2. Neck rotation

You can now sit or stand as you wish. As you breathe in, turn your head to the right side within 5 seconds and stay in this position for a second. Then turn your head back to the center as you exhale within 5 seconds and then repeat the exercise on the left side.

In total you should stretch both sides 5 times.

3. Spread your hips

To do this, lie flat on a carpet on the floor and place your arms next to your body. As you inhale, slowly move your right leg to the side and as you exhale bring it back to its original position.

Do the same with the left leg and repeat each side 5 times.

4. Ankle bends

Here you start lying down; the arms and legs are flat on the ground. As you breathe in, pull one ankle up towards your knee and as you breathe out, stretch it so far that the tips of your toes are nicely stretched. Do this 10 times with both feet.

5. Ankle knee

This exercise also works while lying down. You bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. To perform, slowly lower your right knee to the side toward the floor and then slowly bring it back so that it is facing the ceiling again. Do this five times on both sides.

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