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Diabetes “comes back” with a (drastic) diet that makes you lose weight- breaking latest news

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Those who are younger and have recently high blood sugar are more likely to get rid of diabetes, but the most important thing is to lose weight if you have extra pounds. Crash diets work, better to choose the ones that can be followed for a long time

You can go back from type 2 diabetes, you just need to lose weight. The certainty comes from a review that re-analyzed 90 previous studies in which the effect of weight loss, through various diets, on the circulating sugars of people with diabetes was evaluated: the data, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
, show that weight loss consistently is an excellent way to keep blood sugar under control and eliminate diabetes.

So many ways to lose weight, which one to choose?

The study, conducted by researchers from the English Aston University, examined various types of approaches to weight loss, finding that a consistent cut in excess pounds always effective in leading to remission of diabetes, defined as the return to blood sugar levels. and normal glycated hemoglobin without concomitant use of drugs. In some cases, it’s easier to get it: low-carb diets or very drastic meal replacement diets, for example, have helped people with diabetes remain in remission of the disease for up to two years on average. Diabetes came back a little less often in those who only reduced calories or in those who started following the Mediterranean diet: the weight loss was less drastic and even if there was a reduction in blood sugar the researchers speak in these cases diabetes mitigated rather than eliminated.

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The pancreas can work again

In fact, the crucial point seems to be the weight loss, as explained by the research coordinator Adrian Brown of Aston University: In those who have type 2 diabetes and are overweight, the more kilos are lost, the more it is possible to resolve the disease, maintaining the result at long; success, in terms of weight lost and blood sugar returning to normal, is more likely in men under the age of 50 and with a diagnosis of diabetes for less than six years. In fact, it is possible that these people, young and with a relatively recent disease, can still recover a good efficiency of the pancreas, to return to an adequate production of insulin, and also a correct liver activity to use the hormone well. A drastic weight loss results in a “weight loss” also in these organs, which thus resume functioning better. The data confirm previous research that crash diets are particularly effective against diabetes, but these diets are not easy to follow, are often unbalanced and often abandoned. Also for this reason, as Brown observes, What counts is losing weight if you have diabetes and are overweight: even if you do not reach remission, reducing blood sugar and extra pounds decreases the negative consequences of the disease and the risk of complications. When choosing how to lose weight, it is essential to opt for a diet that is suitable for the individual patient, so that it can be followed in the long term. Better therefore a Mediterranean diet that becomes a consolidated habit than a few months of excessive effort and “fasting”.

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