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Diabetes drug to stop Parkinson’s: incredible discovery

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Diabetes drug to stop Parkinson’s: incredible discovery

Parkinson’s disease has no cure but they exist treatments that can control it symptoms such as Levodopa, the drug currently considered the most effective for treating the symptoms of the disease. A new study, however, may have discovered a way to slow the progression of Parkinson’s motor symptoms. It would seem that a drug used against Type 2 diabetes thanks to the principle lixisenatide, it would be able to slow down the progression of the disease, confirming the theory that the condition has a link with insulin resistance.

Parkinson’s, a study revolutionizes the treatment of the disease

Lixisenatide and exanatide have been used for some time against diabetes but recently they have become known because there are rumors on social media that they help you lose weight. Now they could prove useful for counteract the progression of Parkinson’s. The researchers gave the volunteers either the anti-disease medicines, lixisenatide or a placebo for a year. The results are surprising.

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Patients who received the diabetes drug they showed no progression of symptoms unlike those who received the placebo and worsened by three points on the scale aimed at measuring the progress of the neurodegenerative disease which involves tremors, dementia, slowing down of voluntary movements. Although minimal, for scientists the difference is clinically significant also because it remained so even two months after the end of the test and after the suspension of the anti-Parkinson drugs.

Unfortunately, taking lixisenatide has side effects such as nausea and vomit but the results are encouraging even if we speak of cautious optimism. Further research will be needed to understand whether it is really the diabetes drug that slows down the progression of the disease and what the recommended dosage is.

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