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“Diablo: Immortal” has a player rating of only 0.8, but the fifth largest US revenue still wins Genshin | 4Gamers

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“Diablo: Immortal” has a player rating of only 0.8, but the fifth largest US revenue still wins Genshin | 4Gamers
The picture shows the status of metacritic scores captured on the morning of June 6, Taiwan time

Blizzard (Blizzard) new work “Diablo: Immortal” has been launched in most countries and regions on June 3, just a few days after the game, the player score of this game in metacritic reached 0.8 points, compared to the next In terms of the comprehensive media score of 81 points, the gap is not small.

“Diablo: Immortal” is Blizzard’s latest entry in the series following the launch of “Diablo 3” in 2012 (albeit with a D2 remake interspersed in the middle).

Although “Diablo: Immortal” has not stopped several times from its publication to its listing, the classic sentence of the year: “Don’t you have a mobile phone?” When the game was released, the game announced that it was going to be released.

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As the first “Diablo: Immortal” that uses mobile phones as the main carrier since the series, it is obviously unacceptable for many players. There are even discussions about teasing the game in the overseas community Reddit, like it is designed for PC players. The peripheral “credit card machine” provided is just to imply that this time to play the game, you have to swipe the card to buy the mall.

Asmongold, an overseas live broadcaster who has been reported on this site many times in the past, naturally did not miss this new work. He tested the treasure hunting experience of paying players and free players in the game in his live broadcast, and the result is quite interesting.

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According to Asmongole’s test, it is also in the case of the ancient secret realm, which is full of coats of arms and the secret realm with nothing. The former has dropped legendary items all over the ground, and the latter has nothing, which is very desolate.

The presence or absence of the main coat of arms in the live show shows the player how much the payment affects the game (the abundance of the treasures dropped), so this test video has accumulated nearly 700,000 views in less than a few days of uploading .

This game is an End Game experience that includes PvP content. The starting point of paying players will naturally be far more than that of free players. The nature of Pay to Win (P2W) games has always been like this. It is understandable that there will be such a situation, but some players This might be considered unfair.

But after all, not every player can accept such a paid game design, so the player ratings reflected in metacritic are almost predictably low.

But what’s interesting is that although the player ratings of “Diablo: Immortal” are not good enough, according to the actual situation obtained by the third-party investigation agency Data.ai (formerly known as App Annie), this work is in the United States today. The sales ranking is as high as the fifth place in the whole game,really incense

Screenshot 2022-06-06 12.33.02 pm
The chart from left to right is: free game download list, paid game download list, game sales list

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