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Diablo Kung-Fu Punk’s new work “Shadow Blade: The Convict” officially debuts on TGS in Japan | 4Gamers

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The independent game research and development team S-Game announced that its new movie “Shadow Blade: The Convict” will be officially unveiled at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show. The game is expected to be released globally in the first half of 2022. The Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions will be operated by NIJIGEN as an agent.

The mystery and truth, in the infinite enlargement of human greed and desire, the plot slowly unfolds

“Shadow Blade: The Convict” is a dark overhead martial arts-themed action game. The player acts as a member of the “organization”. After receiving a letter for help, an investigation was launched. During the investigation, a large number of murderously transformed humans were discovered-Hao Unmanned killing tool “weird face”.

The main axis of the game is also unfolded in this way. Where does the murderous transformation technology come from and who is controlling it? In the process of searching for the truth, the conspiracy that occurred in the struggle between the three power families is solved, and the protagonist also discovers the mystery of his own life experience. What will happen to the protagonist who knows the truth?

Semi-open exploration gameplay, explore the story of the entire Shadow Blade series

During the progression of the plot, selective mission branches will appear, and different choices will have different plot trends. Each character in the game has a unique story background, which is related to human nature or murderous transformation. Players can unlock the plot and explore unknown stories during the game.

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Super refreshing skill chain combo setting, bringing smooth hardcore action experience

The game retains the classic skill chain matching gameplay of the Shadow Blade series. Players can match different skill chains according to the characteristics of the protagonist, and the skill chains can be adjusted freely. During the battle, the player chooses the right time to release the skill chain. Refreshing fighting feeling.


Unique artistic expression, creating a dark and mysterious “shadow world” world

The whole game uses a strong ink and wash style, accompanied by bloody rivers and lakes stories, distant mountains hidden in the shadows, towering architectural edges and corners in the moonlight, and nearby reeds flowing with the wind. All the scenes are blurred and have a sense of depth, creating Out of the mysterious dark “shadow realm” world.

At the same time, refreshing nirvana animations and vivid plot animations run through the entire game experience. While telling the story, players can more intuitively experience the treacherous and murderous cruelty of the rivers and lakes.


Luxury seiyuu lineup to create an immersive sensory experience

This work invites well-known voice actors Sakurai Takahiro (playing the soul), Tsuda Kenjiro (playing Zuo Shang), Noto Mamiko (playing the stringer), Ishikawa Yui (playing Mu Xiaokui), Ito Shizuo (playing the void), etc., to bring players full Realistic shadow combat experience.



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