Home Health “Died after eating raw sausages”, investigates the Veronese strain of the bacterium

“Died after eating raw sausages”, investigates the Veronese strain of the bacterium

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“Died after eating raw sausages”, investigates the Veronese strain of the bacterium

IOur Elio is gone in 4 days, we are desperate and angry. Family members do not understand Elio Piccollo, struck down a week ago (September 29) at the hospital in Alessandria by a monocytogenic Listeria meningitiss. He was 82 years old and if the diagnosis were confirmed it would be the fourth death linked to Listeria contamination after the three recorded in recent months in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. In the case of Piccollo, the suspicion that the bacterial infection was caused by a chicken wrstel he had eaten raweven if the analyzes of the Zooprophylactic Institute of Turin will have to ascertain whether it is the same strain of food listeriosis that has spread in recent months and that has led al withdrawal of 4 million packages of wrstel produced by the Veronese cooperative Agricola Tre Valli and also marketed by other large companies that source them.

Precautionary withdrawal

For its part, the Scaligera cooperative (which also packages for Aia) has specified that this is a precautionary withdrawal and on a voluntary basisia, concerning only some batches of the product and not all the others on the market. The Ministry of Health also confirmed that the withdrawal of the batches from the market was triggered as a precaution, as the incorrect storage of the product and the failure to comply with the cooking instructions on the label could make the food unsuitable for consumption under the microbiological aspect. The real danger of eating raw sausages: Piccollo, according to his family, used to not cook them, a habit that could have been fatal.

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