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Diet, an effective method for weight loss: expert advice

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Diet, an effective method for weight loss: expert advice

What is the most effective way to lose weight? In addition to the diet, there are some important rules to follow: let’s see the advice of prof. Pier Luigi Rossi, Psychotherapist, Medical Specialist in Food Science and Preventive Medicine.

For years we have been following all sorts of “low-calorie” regimes in order to lose the extra pounds. But today there is something new: everything we knew about low calorie diets is false, because calories, within the human body, do not exist!

It is a strong message that Professor Pier Luigi Rossi launched in his book From calories to molecules (Aboca, 12.50 euros).

“To consider food only as source of energy it is an error that can have a detrimental character ”, explains the author. “In reality, consuming a plate of meat or a plate of pasta can provide the same number of calories, but meat provides protein and pasta, mostly, carbohydrates. The organism, therefore, reacts differently on the basis of the molecules that are introduced and that affect the secretion of hormones “.

Eat at a pace and lose weight with carbohydrates and proteins

Diet: the effective method |  Diet

The molecular method developed by Professor Pier Luigi Rossi is organized with a food module consisting of four days with “protein meals“And one day (the fifth) from”carbohydrate meals”(At the end of the five days, the module restarts from the days with protein meals). This rhythm guides the body to produce metabolic, hormonal and gene conditions aimed at reducing body fat mass, as Professor Rossi explains in even more detail in the article “Weight and Health: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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In particular, i protein days guarantee the control of insulin secretion from the pancreas. Furthermore, the reduced availability of carbohydrates in the protein meal limits the lipogenesis activity (transformation of glucose into saturated fatty acids in the liver) induced by insulin. The liver is discharged and the white adipocytes are reduced slowly.

More, keeping your blood sugar and insulin levels lowthese days allow you to enter full activity another hormoneil glucagonalso called “fasting hormone”, which promotes lipolysis within the white adipocytes.

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