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Diet for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle: what to eat to lose weight

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Diet for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle: what to eat to lose weight

The diet for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle must be based on the consumption of certain foods: here’s what to eat to lose weight.

When we are forced by force majeure to lead a sedentary life we should follow a type of healthy and balanced diet and also drink enough water, the recommended amount is from one and a half to two liters per day.

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Given that exercising is generally recommended by nutritionists, it is also true that if we are unable to do so by force majeure we must regulate at least with the power supply.

If you lead a sedentary life here is the diet that is good to follow: let’s find out the useful tips on what to eat to lose weight even if you don’t do a lot of physical activity and most of the day is spent sitting.

Here is the diet for those who lead a sedentary life

With the arrival of the pandemic, many people found themselves leading one more sedentary life than usual. This implies that the power supply must also be calibrated according to the amount of movement that takes place.

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Of course, the more we burn the more we will need calories, on the contrary, if we move little we have to pay more attention to diet and the foods we introduce. Let’s find out then what to eat if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

1) Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. The classic five meals of the day including three main ones, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner, to be interspersed with two light snacks, consisting of yogurt and seasonal fruit, in order to break hunger and not get hungry for the main meals.

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2) Varied and balanced diet. The best is undoubtedly the Mediterranean one, here discover the errors not to do. Furthermore, we must not think that always eating the same things can help us.

3) Avoid snacks. To banish junk food, both sweet and salty snacks and rich in hydrogenated fats.

4) Don’t skip meals. Many think that by skipping meals, they lose weight more easily. Nothing could be more wrong. In fact, in this way we slow down the metabolism.

5) Eat for breakfast. Many when they wake up do not have much appetite and eat little or nothing. In this way, they arrive at lunchtime much more hungry. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal to start the day on the right foot.

6) At lunch go-ahead to the first as long as it is not very elaborate. A wholemeal pasta topped with vegetables, a legume soup and a side dish, otherwise a second course and a slice of bread with a side dish and fruit are fine too.

7) Protein is better for dinner. Meat, fish or eggs, accompanied by a side dish and a slice of bread. Always pay attention to portions.

By following these few rules, if we lead a sedentary life, they can help us not to gain weight and even eventually lose it.

In any case it is always good to practice physical activity even if light, but constantly, a simple walk can help a lot.

Finally, before embarking on any diet it is always good to contact a nutritionist to formulate a food plan tailored to the person and his lifestyle.

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