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Diet for weight loss 2021: weekly diet

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Diet for weight loss (walking) with with the weekly diet: there he is diet scheme perfect: less 3 kg in 7 days and much more well-being … Start walking it’s a different way of taking care of yourself. “We appreciate the pleasure of going out and eating healthy” diocese the experts in biology and nutrition of the Centro Santagostino in Milan “Everyone can find the motivation just to do it.

Walk it can be a way to immerse yourself in nature. Even just that of a park or a garden. Or to change perspective. Experimenting with more unusual and less frequented streets. In the city or on vacation spots. While walking you can hear some music in peace. With earphones. So many possibilities with something in common: the beauty of forgetting everything else. And to focus on your own body in motion ».

MONDAY / 1st day

Lunch: 80 g of corn spaghetti with tomato sauce; a plate of grilled vegetables
Price: 200 g of tuna fillets cooked in a pan with celery, cherry tomatoes and black olives; 2 boiled potatoes

TUESDAY / 2nd day

Lunch: green salad with a boiled egg and 50 g of boiled beans; 50 g of bread
Price: 150 grilled beef; vegetables; 50 g of bread

WEDNESDAY / 3rd day

Lunch: 80 g of rice flavored with turmeric; a plate of ver
hard grilled boiled chickpeas; 50 g of bread
Price: 150 steamed vegetables; 50g of bread

THURSDAY / 4th day

Lunch: 100 g of defatted raw ham; mixed salad; 50 g of bread
Price: 200 g of grilled chicken breast; vegetables at will; 2 baked potatoes

FRIDAY / 5th day

Lunch: 80 g of boiled barley with steamed vegetables and herbs; a plate of grilled vegetables of your choice
Price: 200 g of sea bream baked in foil; vegetables at will; 50 g of bread

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SATURDAY / 6th day

Lunch: green salad of lettuce and iceberg with a hard-boiled egg and 100 g of well-drained tuna in oil; 30 g of bread
Price: a margherita pizza

SUNDAY / 7th day

Lunch: 200 g of skinless roast chicken; steamed mixed seasonal vegetables
Price: 130 g of fresh cheese; carrot, fennel, tomato salad; 30 g of bread; 30 of bread

Walking on a diet: when to choose the right time

Diet for weight loss with the weekly diet remembering to walk daily. It is important to choose when to walk. «Identifying a defined space in the day also helps to be more constant» say the nutritionists.

“If you choose to move in the morning it is always best to do this after breakfast. So that you have the right energies without being burdened. If you walk into the early afternoon the advice is to have lunch at least an hour before walking.

If you walk in the evening (between 6pm and 10pm) just have a snack that recharges around 5pm. And have dinner after when you return home.

Always remember to drink: water and hydrosaline drinks to restore the mineral salts lost through perspiration to the body ».


For seasoning and cooking you can use 2 tablespoons a day of extra virgin olive oil. To flavor, use aromatic herbs and spices. Instead, limit the salt by replacing it with gomasio (whole sea salt with sesame seeds).
Rice and pasta you can also choose the integral type. The bread can be wholemeal or rye or multi-grain.

During the week alternate these types of vegetables: beet. Spinach. Jackdaws. Agretti. Pumpkin. Rocket. Artichokes. Herbs. Turnips. Carrots. Thistles. Cucumbers. Garlic. Onions. Celery. Eggplant. Peppers. Green beans. Biete. Green and red salad. Broccoli. Cabbage. Cabbage. Tomatoes. Radishes. Fennel. Zucchini. Asparagus.

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Breakfast and snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon are always the same. Breakfast: 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk; 2 rusks with a thin layer of jam without added sugar or 30 g of cereal flakes. Snacks: one fruit or 40 g of mixed dried fruit (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts).



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