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Diet of 5: what is Antonella Clerici’s diet and how it works

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Diet of 5: what is Antonella Clerici’s diet and how it works

Antonella Clerici she underwent the so-called 5 diet, which, as evidenced by her physique, allowed her to recover perfectly in shape. But what does this fabulous diet consist of and what is the food program?

Diet of 5: what it is

The 5 diet, also known as the penta diet or dieta Flachi it takes its name from the one who created it or rather Evelina Flachi.

Evelina flachi is an expert in food science who has also written her own book together with Antonella Clerici, the book contains many light recipes to be consumed in this regime in order to get back in shape. The scheme provides for the formula 51515. The three “5s” are the three main meals, ie: breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the “1s” are the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Each of the foods to be eaten as main meals must contain 5 nutrients: fibers proteins carbohydrates minerals vegetable fats antioxidants. While the snack and snack must be based on a single nutrient chosen between proteins and fats.

This diet also helps reduce swelling and fatigue. Alongside this regimen we also have physical activity to follow with perseverance and dedication.

The book to try the 5 diet can be found on Amazon, by clicking here.

Diet of 5: benefits

The 5 diet really offers multiple benefits. Physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual benefit.

As in all diets, obviously there are also exceptions to the rule, which make sacrifices less heavy and therefore help to keep focused on the goal.

As Antonella Clerici herself testifies, with this diet you can lose from three to 4 kg per month, and at least two days a week you can indulge some minor exceptions to the rule.

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Obviously, the exceptions to the rule must be small or we will end up exceeding the weekly caloric intake expected nullifying all the efforts made during the week.

Finally, the diet of the 5 includes foods cooked with basic cooking methods, such as grill or steam, as well as foods rich in fiber, low in fat and low in sugar.

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