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Diet, the false allies from which it is better to stay away

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Some foods are considered as friends of the figure, but these are false myths, especially if you follow a diet.

Summer is upon us and hordes of people are trying to remedy the winter binges. In fact, with the arrival of spring every year, many try to recover the fitness lost or to improve the one they have. That’s when they appeal to do it yourself, to diets that promise miraculous effects in a short time.

It must first be said that where it is intended lose weight it is always good and right to contact an expert who knows how to indicate the ad hoc path for each one. It is essential then to combine it with one healthy eating a regular one is constant physical activity to be performed on a daily basis.

Experts believe that it is not necessary to run into grueling training sessions, in fact even a walk is enough 30 minutes a day to get good results. The same goes for running or light sports like cycling or swimming. In any case, relying on the hands of an expert also with regard to physical exercise is always advisable.

Some foods are enemies of diet! Beware of false myths!

The reason why it is necessary to have the opinion of a professional is simple, mistakes are often made that frustrate all the efforts made. This is the case of those people who change their food plan by excluding foods and favoring others, in the mistaken belief that these make you lose weight.

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I’m not actually aware of the fact that it is high-calorie foods and that frequent consumption of them increases the probability of acquiring excess weight instead of losing it. There are some who “mislead” so many people!

Rice salad is very popular in summer, but be careful with the dressings! (tantasalute.it)

First of all there is the rice salad. Many firmly believe that it is a dietary dish but be careful, it depends on the seasoning. Many love to eat it with sausage, pickled vegetables, cheese mayonnaise and various types of sauces. In this case it is obvious that it will no longer be a low-calorie dish.

Same thing goes for the caprese, mozzarella is considered a low-calorie food, but be careful with quantities. It is no less the beloved big salad favorite in summer, but you should not go overboard with the condiments. And the macedonia? Fruit consumption is recommended if you are following a diet, but the addition of sugar should be avoided, in fact sucrose destroys the vitamin properties of the fruit. As with everything, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and prefer moderation, no food should be demonized but it is necessary to go easy on the quantities, to stay fit and healthy.

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