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digital health is a team game, meeting on February 11th at the Unione Sportiva Primavera

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digital health is a team game, meeting on February 11th at the Unione Sportiva Primavera

The values ​​of sport at the service of the community, even online. For this Safer Internet Day, the Carolina Foundation takes to the field together with the Unione Sportiva Primavera Rugby and TikTok, for a Sunday dedicated to the digital health of the whole family.

Appointment with free entry from 10am at the Tor di Quinto Sapienza Sport facility, in Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 64 – Rome.


A bit like in rugby, to reach the goal you need to play as a team. The same applies to the protection of minors, which includes the right to positive and protected online browsing. Sport, cinema, testimonies, debates and technology are the themes at the center of “#SOSTEGNONLINE, digital health is a team game”.

With this initiative, Fondazione Carolina wants to intercept adults, listen to them, inform them and involve them. “We do it without asking them for particular sacrifices, but it is us, with our guests and experts, who make ourselves available on a beautiful day of sport and open air, right next to the field and close to the kids who play”.

Rosanna Milone, project coordinator for the Carolina Foundation, summarizes the non-profit organization’s commitment to meeting the needs of families. “The world of Rugby – continues the child rights expert – has within itself the cohesion and principles that we would like to see translated into the digital field: no one should be left alone, neither during a match nor in front of a screen”.

In the month traditionally dedicated to the topic of Internet security, a Sunday that is worth double! On the one hand sport, on the other information and contributions for the digital health of the whole family.

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Appointment with free entry from 10 am at the Tor di Quinto Sapienza Sport facility, in Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 64 – Rome.

“The prompt response and collaboration we received from Primavera Rugby and all the partners who joined the project makes us believe that this is the first of many initiatives like these”, concludes Rosanna Milone.

Kick-off at 10.30am with the start of the first Carolina Tournament, supported by “Arredo Urbano Giochi Roma”, with the Under 8 and Under 10 boys engaged on the playing field.

“The concept of Support is the essence of rugby, as a club we could not fail to welcome the message of Paolo Picchio and the Carolina Foundation, acting as a sounding board throughout the world of Italian rugby for such a current and delicate”.

Federico Alverà, general Manager U.S.

Primavera Rugby thus summarizes the partnership with the Carolina Foundation. “Our club was founded almost 50 years ago with the aim of raising male and female athletes who will be men and women tomorrow – continues Alverà – preparing them, together with school and family, to face the challenges of a constantly evolving society”.

At the same time, Rai Cinema, media partner of the event, presents the short film “La Stanza”, dedicated to the topic of cyberbullying. The director Giuseppe Nuzzo and Nicoletta Romanoff, who plays the protagonist’s mother, participate in the debate with the public.

“Online safety is an extremely important issue that is never addressed enough and whose consequences can be very serious,” comments the actress protagonist of Muccino’s recent film The Best Years. Nicoletta Romanoff is a mother of 4 children, who has long been involved in raising awareness of the issue of online safety for children. “Knowing the world of rugby, as a mother, and through my heartfelt participation in the short film La Stanza, I could only enthusiastically join this project,” concludes Romanoff.

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From 11.30 we move from cinema to literature, more precisely to non-fiction, with the presentation of “Senza control”, the book on online safety signed by the psychologist and psychotherapist Elisa Marcheselli. A text that aims to help adults and children understand some of the most insidious phenomena of our time, such as those linked to hate speech, online bullying, web threats and addiction to technology.

“Protecting personal data online and not leaving children to surf the Internet alone are fundamental elements for the presence and discreet control of parents, together with the use of technological protection tools,” explains the author Elisa Marcheselli. “During Safer Internet Day, it is important to reiterate that, to support their children, parents must also inform themselves about the potential and risks of the web,” underlines the expert.

Empathy helps us understand the beauty and strength of “being together”, of sharing authentic and universal values, such as friendship. For each team, there is a jersey, a color, a message that belongs to anyone who takes the field to help and support their teammates.

The official delivery of the “Amici di Caro” T-shirt to the Primavera Rugby players, appointed Ambassadors following the peer education workshops aimed at activating young people in digital media for the benefit of the little ones, is expected from around 12.30pm. initiative strongly supported by the Secretary General of the Carolina Foundation, Ivano Zoppi, to fuel active participation around these issues. A commitment activated last January 30th with some athletes protagonists of games and awareness workshops around the topic of online discomfort.

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Also from 12.30 pm for the Under 18 Elite category, Primavera – Experience L’Aquila will compete, while from 2.30 pm appointment with the National Serie A Championship, Primavera-Avezzano.

From the playing field to raising awareness. The “Parents in Blue Jeans” meeting begins at 2.30 pm, dedicated to families and conducted by TikTok and the Carolina Foundation,

with the testimony of Papa Picchio.

The meeting, dedicated to promoting responsible and conscious use of digital tools, aims to share

with the families and adults of reference the advice of the Carolina Foundation experts and to discuss the latest

online trends, also through direct interaction with TikTok representatives in Italy.

From 4pm everyone will be cheering for the Azzurri, involved in the 2024 Six Nations Tournament! The Ireland – Italy match will be broadcast live on the big screen.

When we talk about rugby, we can’t forget the Third Half. A moment of meeting and discussion outside of competition, to reiterate the importance of respect, which must never be lacking, regardless of a healthy rivalry.

On this principle, a listening desk will be active throughout the day with expert psychologists available to families and anyone with a doubt or request on the topic of child welfare. A challenge that, today, necessarily passes through a correct and positive digital experience.

The event is sponsored by the Senate of the Republic and the Childhood and Adolescence Guarantor of the Lazio Region, participated by the Media Committee of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Center for Sports Services of the Sapienza University of Rome and the national and regional Italian Rugby Federation .

For further information, write to [email protected] Updates and calendar on www.fondazionecarolina.org


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