Home Health Dive into the real life and death struggle of WWII! The 100-player online battle game “Hell Let Loose” officially debuts on the PlayStation 5 platform today – Hell Let Loose

Dive into the real life and death struggle of WWII! The 100-player online battle game “Hell Let Loose” officially debuts on the PlayStation 5 platform today – Hell Let Loose

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Game Source Entertainment (GSE) Announced, Developed by Black Matter Pty Ltd and Sold Out Worldwide
Published, the multiplayer strategy war game “HELL LET LOOSE” with the background of World War II, landed on the PlayStation®5 platform today (January 13), and experienced the unprecedented war turmoil with comrades in arms.

A real World War II game experience with a hundred players on the stage of World War II

Inferno is a hardcore first-person shooter set in World War II where up to 100 players engage in spectacular battles. Players fight on the most emblematic battlefields of the Western Front, including Omaha Beach, Carentan, and Foy; one of the main battlegrounds in the Battle of the Bulge )etc. Players become part of a massive composite weapons war as giant tanks dominate the battlefield and life-and-death supply networks are provided to the front lines. In Hell on Fire, you’ll be immersed in a chaotic war situation, with player-controlled vehicles, dynamically changing battle lines, and gameplay focused on the units that play an important role in the battle situation.

Spectacular Battlefield Story

“Hell of Fire” has more than 9 kinds of detailed maps based on actual reconnaissance photos and satellite data, and divides the entire battlefield into a vast occupation area, making the game more exciting. Factions of 50 players on each side fight deadly battles on ever-changing fronts such as fields, bridges, forests and urban areas. There are a total of 14 roles for infantry, tank units and reconnaissance units to choose from, including officer, spotter, machine gunner, medic, engineer and tank commander. Each has different weapons, vehicles and gear, and you can experience every aspect of WWII.

Hardcore gaming experience

Battles set against the backdrop of more than 9 battlefields emblematic of World War II, including Omaha Beach, Carentan, and Foix, play a central role in Hellfire. Vehicles, weapons, military uniforms, etc. appearing in the historical facts are carefully crafted, and the battles carried out on a huge map that reproduces the real battlefield are a reproduction of the brutal and bloody situation at that time… The map uses Unreal Engine 4, and Archival aerial photos and satellite imagery, recreated in stunning detail.

Fight side by side, win together

Unlike other first-person shooters, Inferno is not focused on kill/death ratios, teamwork is the core of the game. Therefore communication is essential. Under the command of commanders and officers, players work together to set strategic goals and control the enemy on the battlefield. Inferno is a game that requires teamwork and communication to win and survive.

Unique tactical ecology

Break through your opponents and emerge victorious on the ever-changing vast battlefield. With a unique tactical ecology centered on area occupation, teams must make major strategic decisions about where to attack and where to defend. Manage resources and supplies to call for support, bombing, new vehicles, low-altitude strafing, reinforcements to key points of your own or to outflank enemy forces. Strategy is the key to success in this game.

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