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Djokovic admits: wrong travel declaration. Quarantine violated for interview

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Novak Djokovic admitted in an Instagram post that the travel declaration issued to border authorities upon his arrival in Australia contained incorrect information, having stated in the Covid questionnaire that he had not traveled in the previous 14 days, while in fact he had traveled to Australia. Spain from Serbia. The tennis player, who after a first victory in court is still awaiting the final decision of the Canberra government on the visa to stay in the country and participate in the Australian Open, spoke of a “human and certainly not voluntary error” of a member of his staff. stating that “new information” has been provided to the Australian authorities to “clarify this matter”.

The interview during solitary confinement

And the admissions don’t stop there: two days after testing positive for the coronavirus, the tennis player broke the rules of isolation to meet a reporter for an interview. “I felt compelled to do the interview with L’Equipe because I didn’t want to disappoint the journalist,” wrote Djokovic in the Instagram post. But on that occasion Djokovic allegedly “kept his distance” and “wore a mask, except when the photograph was taken.” Instead, “disinformation”, he added, is the version according to which he would go around after the positive test on December 16.

The new documentation

In parallel, the lawyers of the champion have provided much more information related to his visa that will have an impact on the timing of the decision of the immigration minisetro. The competent minister Alex Hawke is considering whether to cancel the permit after a court overturned the previous revocation against the no vax tennis player. “Mr. Djokovic’s lawyers recently provided additional documents and supporting materials that are said to be relevant to the possible cancellation of Mr. Djokovic’s visa,” a spokesman for Minister Hawke said. “Of course, this will affect the timing of a decision.”

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