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Do not eat pasta with frozen broccoli for 8 months. Here’s what can happen

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Do not eat pasta with frozen broccoli for 8 months.  Here’s what can happen

Pasta with broccoli is a simple dish to prepare. It can be taken in autumn but also on cold winter days. Everyone likes it but it hides some pitfalls if you don’t use the right ingredients. According to a study published in “National Library of MedicineThe sulforaphane found in broccoli improves blood glucose control.

Do not eat pasta with frozen broccoli for 8 months because they lose the ability to produce sulforaphane. Researchers from theUniversity of Illinois. This substance that is very good for those who take it is formed in fresh broccoli when they are cut or chewed. In frozen ones, however, this does not happen. Furthermore, it is always good to keep in mind that if these vegetables are frozen they have a maximum duration of 6 months. Even if beyond this term they are not dangerous, it is good to know that they have most likely lost all their healthy properties.

Does Broccoli Help Lower Cholesterol? Yes, because some substances found there bind with the bile acids that circulate in our intestines. In this way they favor its elimination and prevent its reuse. Thanks to this, new bile acids must be created from cholesterol which thus reduce the total amount circulating within the body. A study published in the Nutrition Research Journal found that steamed broccoli was very effective in reducing its blood levels. This reduces the chances of having cardiovascular disease. Pasta, on the other hand, is not always suitable when fat needs to be kept under control. In these cases it is good to use the wholemeal one associating it more with legumes than with vegetables. Beans, like all other legumes, for example, lower LDL levels by 5% if consumed once a day.

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Why shouldn’t you eat pasta with broccoli? First of all because it is not an unsuitable food for celiacs. If you then add some grana na it’s not even good for those who are lactose intolerant. That’s why you have to be very careful how you prepare it. Also pay attention to the cooking of the pasta. If it is not al dente but overcooked when it reaches the digestive tract, it forms a sticky dough which is not easy to digest. This is because cooking for too long causes the release of starch into the water, also ending up losing its good nutritional properties. So it’s good to know that this recipe with broccoli is very good for our health but you must know how to cook with a lot of art and a lot of attention.

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