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Do not eat this dried fruit at all ⛔️ Serious health problems 🤮

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Do not eat this dried fruit at all ⛔️ Serious health problems 🤮

If you don’t want to run any health risks, don’t eat this dried fruit at all, let’s find out what it is.

Today we will talk about the recall of dried fruit, a brand and a production batch in particular have been removed from the market due to chemical risk. What does it mean?

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The reason for the recall is the presence of aflatoxins in peanuts beyond the limitstherefore a very important risk, which could endanger human health.

There are several reasons why food products can be recalled from sale. Controls are constantly carried out to protect the safety of the consumer. Sometimes the recall occurs from the company itself or not from the food operators in the sector. We then discover the name of the peanut brand and the production batch withdrawn from the market.

Recall of peanuts due to the presence of Aflatoxins

The appeal of peanuts due to the presence of Aflatoxins above the limit can be seen from the Ministry of Health‘s potale.

The brand involved is Alestothe sales name is Roasted Peanuts in shell, the name or business name of the FBO in whose name the product is marketed is Lidl Italia Srl

Peanut alert
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The recall date is 09/13/2022. The product trademark is not stated in the document. The The manufacturer’s name is Ciavolino Daniele & Figli Roma Srl.

The headquarters of the plant is via Campo di Carne 20/4, 00040 Ardea, in the metropolitan city of Roma Capitale.

The production batch is 19522P and the expiry date or minimum conservation term is 07/2023. Peanuts are sold in packs of 500 grams.

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The reason for the recall is due to chemical risk, following analysis on a sample of the product, traces of Aflatoxins were found, in addition to the limits.

Therefore the company advises not to consume the product at all, it must be delivered to the Lidl point of purchase for a refund.

Peanut alert
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Aflatoxins are mycotoxins produced by two fungi Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus that live in warm, humid areas. We can find this aflatoxin in various products such as nuts, peanuts, spices, rice and corn.

What could happen? Fungi that produce aflatoxins can contaminate crops in fields when harvesting occurs. According to the National Institute of Healthaflatoxins have the ability to cause damage to health (toxicity) both in the short-medium term and chronic.

The target organ is the liver, exponentially increasing the onset of cancer, just aflatoxin B1 is classified as a carcinogen of group 1, the most dangerous.

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