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“Do the fourth dose, too much one year since the last booster”

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“Do the fourth dose, too much one year since the last booster”

The world splits once again on Covid. On the day the Chinese provides the first, disastrous, death toll since the end of restrictions for the virus (nearly 60,000 deaths within a month), the little one Austria announces the end of the emergency and the abolition of all restrictive measures by the end of the year. In short, there are those who embrace normality and those who unfortunately go back to counting the victims. Both sides, however, with a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. It’s about the proliferation of sub-variants that could once again mix the cards. If until a few days ago it was there Cerberus to scare the world – highly contagious but luckily more harmless variant – now the spectrum of Xbb.1.5, better known as a sub-variant, is lengthening Krakencurrently responsible in some areas of the United States of 80% of infections. And in any case close to overtaking Cerberus at the national level.

A phenomenon that also frightens theItalia, where official data on its development are expected in the coming days. Growth in our country too is quite simple to predict and so virologists once again underline the importance of vaccination campaign, regardless. L’Higher Institute of Healthin its periodic report, brought important data in support of this “invitation”, highlighting how in the population aged between 60 and 79 the mortality rate of not vaccinated is three times higher than that of those vaccinated with the booster and four times higher than those vaccinated with the fourth dose for less than 120 days. Over over 80Indeed, mortality is almost six times higher than those vaccinated with an additional/booster dose, and respectively ten times and almost five and a half times higher than those vaccinated with a second booster dose for less than 120 days and for more than 120 days. “Whatever variant is dominating at the moment, we must all raise the level of protection with the fourth dose”, he cuts short speaking to beraking latest news Mauro Pistello, vice president of the Italian Society of Microbiology and one of the founders of the ISS sequencing network. «A large part of the population took the last anti-Covid dose many months ago and having a year pass between one booster and another is too much in light of the high contagiousness of these new variants Omicron», recalls Pistello.

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Kraken, the new symptoms of the Covid variant: from dry cough to muscle pain

Also vaccine for children

Children are included in that “everyone”. The Ministry of Health has published the circular which implements the opinion of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Medicines Agency with the green light for the Cominarty vaccine of Pfizer against variants Omicron Ba.4 and Ba.5 as a booster for children between 5 and 11 years old. A move that in the meantime aims to protect the most fragile subjects but which at the request of the parents can also be administered to all the other children in the age group in question.

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