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Do you have a headache? Don’t underestimate it, it could lead to something more serious

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Do you have a headache?  Don’t underestimate it, it could lead to something more serious

Migraine is a condition that unites about 7-8 million Italians but what is often underestimated is that this headache is one of the 5 major symptoms related to stroke and other serious diseases.

Migraine is linked to many diseases that can affect people of all ages and sexes, including stroke which, however, has other alarm bells to pay attention to, such as altered balance, difficulty in speaking or moving a part of the body.

migraine not to be underestimated, it can lead to stroke – solofinanza.it

What is migraine

Migraine is unfortunately a very widespread disease in Italy, in fact it is estimated that 12% of the national population suffers from it, some of which even in a chronic way, in which the symptoms are present for more than 15 days. The main problem associated with migraine is that it is highly associated with other serious and less serious conditions.

This disease presents as a sharp or throbbing pain in the front or side of the head, is very recurrent and belongs to the headache family. The main feature of migraine is that it generally affects only one side of the head, producing intense, throbbing pain that can get worse with movement.

In severe cases, the pain can last even days, aggravating the symptoms, which can also be unbearable such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sounds. Sometimes migraines are anticipated by certain signs such as tingling in the limbs or flashes of light.

How migraine is linked to stroke

Migraine is also very common because associated with other symptoms could identify the presence of a much worse disease such as stroke, which is a cerebrovascular lesion caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain due to interruption or a rupture of a ‘artery.

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Stroke generally manifests itself through very specific symptoms such as motor difficulties, speech and functional deficiencies, darkening of vision and loss of orientation.

severe headache migraine
person affected by migraine – solofinanza.it

The headache that precedes a stroke episode brings with it a very powerful pain and is also present in the case of ischemic stroke which is the most severe form of bleeding, which occurs when a thrombus forms in an artery of the brain, which narrows the diameter of the blood vessel, disrupting and corrupting the function of brain nerve cells.

The subjects most at risk are the elderly, women, smokers and overweight people. A healthy lifestyle, physical activity and a balanced diet, consisting mainly of plant proteins, can help prevent this disease and maintain optimal health.

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