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Do you know how many varieties of bread exist? We help you choose the healthiest and most nutritious ones suitable for the whole family

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Choosing the right bread, based on your needs is not that easy. These guidelines will help you know what is right for you.

Bread is a highly contested food: if on the one hand in some diets – the stricter ones – is eliminated, on the other hand there are those who consider it a food to be included constantly in their diet.

Also because the benefits it brings are really numerous. Rich in complex carbohydrates and fibres, which make it easier to digest: its glucidic richness provides an important source of energy for the proper functioning of the metabolism and of the brain, e contributes adequately to the energy intake of an active life.

Among other things, this food has a low fat content: common bread contains only 1% fat, useful for the body. The latter – such as linoleic acid – have a protective role in diseases cardiovascular.

But, benefits aside you need to be aware of the varieties that exist on the market and choose the most suitable one according to our needs. Here’s what you need to know.

Some curiosities about bread

In addition to knowing the benefits of a food, it is also interesting to discover some details or curiosities. The first to discover the fermentation of water and flour – essential for making bread – were the Egyptians.

The Greeks, on the other hand, added numerous ingredients to the basic dough – honey, milk, oil and olives – while the Romans gave way to handicraft production by building large public ovens. After all these years today, as then, there are different types of bread.

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Which bread to choose
Which bread to choose.IFood.it

The varieties that exist

The first, and also the most bought is the White bread: characterized by a delicate flavor and a light color, during its milling process – of the flour – the layers of bran and whole wheat germ are removed from the flour. This allows the natural oils present in the grain to be removed and the product to be preserved for a long period of time. It is fair to point out that white bread does not have the nutritional benefits of bread made with whole grains.

The wholemeal bread instead it is made with a type of flour that contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals than white bread. It has a more intense flavor that releases a nutty taste. It is certainly one of the best breads for our body. You have multigrain bread it is so called because it is produced with two different cereals. However, this mix does not necessarily include whole grains: you need to carefully check the ingredients.

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