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Do you suffer from dry skin? What does it depend on and what are the remedies?

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Dry skin is a problem that affects many more people than is thought and which is particularly common among women. Let’s find out the causes and possible remedies.

When it comes to dry skin, remedies are not always so obvious. It is, in fact, that phenomenon that causes the skin of the face or other areas of the body to appear particularly dry and to crack or itch.

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a problem common to many people and that with the cold tends to intensify becoming more problematic. This is why it is very important to pay attention to it, understand its main causes and know the remedies to be implemented in order not to exacerbate the situation.

Acting correctly, the situation can be significantly improved, resulting in the skin being less stretched, healthier and smoother to the touch.

Dry skin: causes and remedies to consider

The skin is a real organ and it can even be said to be among the most important of the whole organism. In fact, it has the task of protecting us from atmospheric agents, it warms us and allows us to feel the environment around us both through touch and thanks to other sensations of a different type.

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To perform all these functions, however, it must always be well hydrated. In fact, when it dries up, it can get damaged and function less precisely. One more reason for those who are really important to understand what are the causes of dry skin and how to act to avoid it.

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In most cases, dry skin is symptomatic of a lack of hydration. Recognizing it is not particularly difficult as there are quite clear symptoms which are:

  • Tense skin
  • Presence of reddish and rough parts
  • Cracks
  • Itching
  • Desquamation
  • Presence of cuts

These are problems that, however marginal they may seem, over time, tend to become important. In fact, there is the risk of premature aging of the affected areas, painful points and parts that crack to the point of appearing burned and burning even at the slightest contact.

As for the causes, the skin can dry out due to too much cold, ultraviolet radiation but also due to poor hydration. Sometimes too hot and prolonged baths can lead to a certain dryness and this also applies to wrong treatments, or drugs that can dry the skin.

In some cases the causes can also be found in certain diseases such as keratosis or dermatitis. And of course, smoking should not be forgotten. In the case of particularly dry skin, therefore, it is always better to contact your doctor in order to obtain a precise diagnosis which will then be the starting point for identifying the most suitable treatments.

So how to solve a dry skin problem? The first rule is to always stay hydrated and to follow a balanced diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables and all the vitamins necessary for the well-being of the body. You can then go to act locally thanks to moisturizing creams and able to protect the skin from atmospheric agents.

Obviously, in case of particularly dry skin, there are specific remedies to which natural ones can also be added. Among these, some of the most effective are those based on extra virgin olive oil, yogurt and honey (to be used as masks) and ghee.

Going to how to act. You can avoid exposure to too dry air, reduce the temperature of the water with which you wash as well as the residence time. In winter it is also advisable to use gloves and scarves to protect the most delicate areas. And do the same for other parts that may remain uncovered and on which it is always advisable to apply creams. Finally, it can be very useful to wear natural fabrics and make use of products that are not aggressive and able to take care of the skin.

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These strategies, combined with a healthy diet, the right hydration and checks to trace other possible causes, are more than useful to obtain a softer and more hydrated skin and above all naturally able to protect itself. The remedies you need to say goodbye to dry skin.

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