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Do you suffer from stress? Here is the proper nutrition to fight it

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Stress, in our daily life, afflicts us, is capable of conditioning our existence and in the worst case scenario is also capable of upsetting it.

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Nutritionists, supported by the authoritative opinions of doctors and psychologists, they are convinced that food can turn out to be there fundamental first choice to feel good. A feeding room, but above all being able to find a perfect balance with one’s body, allow us to break down obstacles that negatively affect both our mind and our physical well-being. Feel good about themselves it is not a simple goal to achieve in everyday life: they are needed character, willpower, in some cases the people around us also contribute, and of course the family and work environment. Many people, for example, become obese and carry on bad eating habits in order to choke suffering previously experienced. But more simply, it is clear that eating healthy helps to alleviate “The boulders” and the slag that we accumulate and that weigh not a little.

Stress: the battle to defeat it begins at the table, here are the natural remedies

There are so many foods that allow us to feel good, of acquire strength, mental energy, as well as physical, to support study and intellectual activities. Mens sana in corpore sano the ancients said, without ever falling into error. Work, sport, study commitments: they are daily obstacles to overcome with the right foods, the really healthy ones. Starting with green tea, relaxing but also tonic for the body, draining. Its content of “Teanina” it is in fact able to stimulate the serotonin hormone to grant us relaxation and refuge from thoughts. In fact, theanine is a neuro-stimulator, very similar to how glutamic acid contained in foods works.

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The milk, according to nutritionists, in a sort of “total review” of one of the most mistreated foods in the world, taken in the right doses, it is actually bringer of health, good humor, energy. A part of doctors, for years, has always led us to think that milk was harmful, for the diet, for the stomach, for digestibility. Today, when we talk about healthy Italian milk, we tend to revise the old thesis in a positive way. In particular, milk, if hot, increases its digestibility due to the transformation of the protein, and acts at its best. Always pay attention to quantities.

Fatty acids, omega 3, taenine: the friends of health

Oily fish, omega 3, foods such as salmon, they help the brain and support fatigue and stress. Strengthening of the heart, immune system, sworn enemies of anxiety. Omega 3 has always been the number one in fighting anxiety, also decreasing the level of cortisol, the anxiety hormone. Many doctors know this and have been repeating it for some time, cortisol is the number one cause of obesity and major cardiovascular diseases. Hurray for fatty acids!

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Citrus fruits, in a healthy diet, they have always had their place of honor. Vitamin C and flavonoids act on the circulation, on the heart. A freshly squeezed juice for breakfast in the morning has always been a wonderful cure-all.

How to forget dark chocolate, friend, always, of our brain? And of course also cereals and vegetable fats, the good ones, the healthy ones, the ones that give energy like almonds and walnuts.

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