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Do you want to host an evening of medical music?

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Do you want to host an evening of medical music?

We are touring Italy with a meditative concert at 432hz, with original acoustic pieces and songs from the Amazonian tradition (see video below)

Magic, care, beauty, and pure love!

‘OM Shanti is an event suitable for yoga rooms, holistic centers, eco-villages and eco-farmhouses, but also places in nature and private spaces.

It is the ideal complement for yoga retreats, meditation and introspection circles, or for a simple evening in which to be carried on the wings of medical music.

Kris-Ma and Lord Caboclo: an acoustic duo formed three years ago with the intention of putting themselves at the service of medical music, inside and outside the care ceremonies.
(2 voices, 2 guitars, shamanic and native drums, native flute, Tibetan bells, waira and other ethnic instruments)

video OM Shanti:

WhatsApp e Telegram: 3487758341 (Kris-Ma)
E-mail: fasic [at] yahoo.com (Lord Caboclo)

Site: krisma.altervista.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AguaDeMiVida/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/agua-de-mi-vida

It is a genre that collects a vast repertoire of songs, mantras and hymns taken from the indigenous and spiritual traditions of the world, and which has spread in tandem with the healing ceremonies with master plants (medicines in fact).

The term ‘medicine’ also refers to the awareness that music, accompanied by the right intent, has the ability to reconnect everyone to the original source of being, and that is where the true cure is.

It is a phenomenon still underground but which gives clear signs of an upcoming eruption. There are excellent conditions for predicting that medical music will be the most widespread genre in the near future, in which sound will be used to restore psychophysical balance and cure diseases.

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