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Do you wash these items in the dishwasher? You’re making a huge mistake: it’s a health hazard

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Do you wash these items in the dishwasher?  You’re making a huge mistake: it’s a health hazard

Not all items can be washed in the dishwasher: you’re probably making a big mistake, let’s look into it together.

The dishwasher it certainly represents one of the appliances used most throughout the national territory. The economic and energy crisis has contributed to a downsizing with respect to the mechanical washing of dishes and above all with respect to the sanitation of a limited number of crockery. In any case, families whose components exceed three or four people – absolutely cannot do without them.

Dishwasher: you probably make an unforgivable mistake – grantennistoscana.it

Although it is an appliance used on a large scale, not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Among the most common errors – which lead to damage to the device – we find the tendency of insert excessively dirty crockery in the system. In fact, the dishes must be rinsed abundantly under running water, as food residues could clog the drain pipe of the appliance.

Then there is an even more common (especially dangerous) mistake: Did you know that not all items can be washed in the dishwasher? In fact, attention must be paid to the construction material and other important components. Here, we will list all those elements that must necessarily stay away from the power of this appliance. Let’s see all the details together.

Do you own a dishwasher? Here’s how to use it correctly

So let’s list them all the objects that can be inserted quietly in the dishwasher: glasses; ceramic and porcelain dishes (possibly without decorations); pans (with the exception of non-stick pans, as they could become dysfunctional with respect to their primary objective); steel cutlery; hard plastic containers and utensils. Now let’s find out together what CANNOT be washed in the dishwasher.

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Dishwasher, how to use it correctly
Dishwasher, how to use it correctly – grantennistoscana.it

Among the objects from do not put in the dishwasher (in addition to the non-stick pans as specified above) we find: the moka; soft plastic containers; crystal glasses, as they could break or chip due to excessive power of the appliance; knives with a sharp blade, as the latter may be damaged; tin containers; hand-decorated glasses and plates; wooden chopping boards and utensils.

Referring in particular to wooden objects, it is good to know that high temperatures could inevitably compromise their structure. Secondly, and more importantly, the detergent intended for use in the dishwasher is too aggressive: the wood absorbs therefore the solution, becoming potentially toxic once it comes into contact with food. So how to proceed with the washing?

There are special soaps on the market for wooden utensils: we therefore proceed with hand washing, and then dry the objects with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you may prefer one mixture of water, baking soda and lemon, then leaving them to dry in the sunlight. This is the secret to always obtaining perfect crockery, without risking damaging it, including breaking the dishwasher due to incorrect and careless use.

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