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Doctors available 7 days a week: this is established by a decree

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Doctors available 7 days a week: this is established by a decree

Starting from January, according to the provisions of a provision that entered into force on 7 July, each region will have to have doctors available 7 days a week to assist patients at any time. What exactly does the decree say? And how sustainable can it be?

No more queues or endless waiting in the emergency room. This is one of the objectives that the ministerial decree 77/2022finally approved on July 7, whereby each region, starting from January 2023will have to equip itself with community houses (Cdc) in cui i mediciof different specializations, will have to be available at any time 7 days a week. The specialists employed within these structures will work in shifts in order to offer punctual and constant assistance to any citizen who feels unwell and needs medical services. However, there are those who turn up their noses, both for the reduced time frames that the regions have available to organize this new system, and because the funds allocated, according to the unions, they are not enough to finance such a project.

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Doctors on call: what does the decree say about it?

Doctors available 7 days a week. To establish it is the ministerial decree 77/2022, wanted by Health Minister Roberto Speranza and entered into force last July. Based on the provisions of this provision, each region, no later than January 2023must have developed the community house system. These are health facilities in which the staff will be at the service of the citizen in need of medical attention every day of the week and at any time of day. If, in the worst case scenario, a regional reality fails to do so by the beginning of the new year, it will be forced to renounce 2/3% of the supplementary financing arranged by National health fund.

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How does it work?

The project provides that, within these Cdcare present about 30-35 between doctors and pediatricians, and 7-11 nurses. These will work a turnitaking over, so as to ensure coverage of the service h24. Furthermore, within the team made available by the Community Houses, too psychologists, midwives, social workers, rehabilitation technicians: in short, a group of specialists able to treat any type of health problem.

Another novelty: the Community Hospital

Instead, if the clinical condition of any patient should prove to be more graveaccording to the provisions of the decree, the Community houses they will have to provide for his transport to the community hospitala structure used to manage the most delicate and complex situations. Furthermore, again according to the ambitious plans of the provision issued by the Ministry of Health, this organizational model will also include home care services and the establishment of hospice.

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The hesitations of the trade unions

However, although this decree is born with the best of intentions and, at least in theory, offers a definitive solution to the age-old problem of gatherings in the emergency room, the CGIL is not convinced that it is entirely feasible. There Italian General Confederation of Labor points out that the health fund is insufficient to support the expected costs from this project and that, in the absence of “a robust hiring plan and stabilizations aimed at the abatement of a precariat now widespreadall the reorganization process risks entering into crisis even before starting “.

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