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Doctors of 118, due to heat and accidents +20% interventions in July – Health

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Doctors of 118, due to heat and accidents +20% interventions in July – Health

“Compared to the average of the previous two months, in July in Italy we see an increase of 20-25% of the interventions of the 118. The reasons for the requests for intervention are above all heat-related illnesses, including cardiac arrests, collapses, acute coronary syndromes but also road accidents.This, however, goes hand in hand with reduced staff and exhausted by fatigue”. This was explained to ANSA by the president of the Italian Society of the Territorial Emergency System 118 Mario Balzanelli, who, to demonstrate the unease of the category, will demonstrate today in Rome in Piazza Santi Apostoli.
The reason for the surge in requests for help is physiological this season and is “the heat wave that is affecting the peninsula, combined with the greater influx of tourists”, specifies the president of Sis118. However, this collides with an age-old problem: “there are few personnel and, what there is, is exhausted”.
Hence the letter written by Balzanelli to the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni in which “a national legislative re-evaluation of the Territorial Emergency System 118 is requested, which will ensure that all citizens receive uniform standards of excellence in emergency assistance in all Regions and which, in at the same time, you value the importance and professional dignity of all of us Operators of the System: doctors, nurses, drivers-rescuers”.
The National Federation of Medical Orders will also be in the square at 12 tomorrow. “We support the reasons of the colleagues of SIS118 – says the president of Fnomceo Filippo Anelli -. Now abandoned, unheard, deprived of a reform that has been awaited for years, which makes the relief system increasingly effective, efficient and equal on the national territory and which enhance, within it, roles and professionalism, putting an end to the precariousness that affects so many operators”.

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