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Does eating chocolate before bed make you fat?

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Does eating chocolate before bed make you fat?

Chocolate is a food that comes from the seeds of the cocoa tree. It is now widespread all over the world and appreciated by many people who perhaps tend to exaggerate a bit. In fact, it is a food that can give a certain addiction due to the presence of amines. Eating it, especially for depressed people, creates a certain amount of energy and pleasure.

Many studies have focused on the benefits of this food and also on the damage it can do to the body. While there are those who claim that a little dark chocolate a day is good for the heart, there are also those who disagree.

Does eating chocolate before bed make you fat?

Let’s start by saying that chocolate can bring benefits to our body, without a shadow of a doubt, especially in the dark variety it is rich in polyphenols that strengthen the immune system and prevent strokes and heart attacks. It is also very composed of simple sugars and this is good for the mood, releasing serotonin, a hormone that lowers anxiety levels in the body. Eating chocolate in the evening before going to sleep can also be not very good for the diet.

In fact we find two simple reasons why eating chocolate before sleeping is not good for the body, first, you will never burn the calories you take in, and this will certainly lead to fattening, second, and this is a more complex motivation, one would to achieve a glycemic peak, due to the presence of sugars which would lead to a large increase in insulin which would overlap, given that they are antagonists of each other, with the growth hormone (GH).

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Then, being that the development hormone is released by the body while you sleep only in the absence of insulin in the body, the correct hormonal circadian rhythm would be damaged, since GH has among its peculiarities that of burning fat, it would limit this passage is relevant, with the result of having an unwanted fattening.

Finally, it is not good to consume chocolate before sleeping because when you sleep after a meal, your stomach is still full and the position in which you sleep does not help digestion and can cause gastroesophageal reflux, the ideal is that you walk a bit before going to sleep.

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