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Does eating strawberries raise blood sugar or not?

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Does eating strawberries raise blood sugar or not?

Let’s find out what the experts say: does eating strawberries raise blood sugar? How should a diabetic behave in particular?

Eating strawberries raises blood sugar or is this a wrong statement? This fruit is already particular for its shape, as well as for the flavor it can give. When we manage to identify those matured to the right point then we will feel a real ecstasy of pleasure.

A bunch of strawberries (Canva – recipesprint.it)

And strawberries go well with many even unthinkable combinations. With dark chocolate, for example. Because we combine two different types of dessert, the delicate one that belongs to them and the deeper one of 70% cocoa.

Or there are those who go crazy for strawberries with a pass of balsamic vinegar on them. Whatever our preferences, it is good to know this thing: does eating strawberries raise blood sugar or not?

As mentioned, strawberries are sweet at the right point of ripeness. So good that then we would hardly be able to stop. By virtue of this, how is a person with diabetes required to behave?

Does eating strawberries raise blood sugar? What should a diabetic do

This topic is of some interest not only for people who have to deal with diabetes but also for those who perhaps fear contracting this pathology which is really hard to live with.

Can people with high blood sugar eat strawberries?
A measurement of the glycemic index (Canva – recipesprint.it)

And to keep the sugar level under control, perhaps they resist the temptation to treat themselves to succulent, sparkling strawberries. In reality, however, they are wrong. Avoiding strawberries altogether would just be a useless sacrifice.

And deprivations within a diet or a diet considered correct do nothing but harm. We must allow ourselves an exception to the rule, as long as everything is done in moderation. A taste every once in a while doesn’t hurt at all, quite the contrary. It brings great benefits especially on the mood, and will satisfy us in that particular moment of weakness.

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Regarding strawberries, a diabetic can take some up to 200 grams per day of these fruits, which are actually low in sugar and also in calories. The numerical equivalent is 8 strawberries, with 45 kcal contributed on average in total.

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Sugar measurement
A woman measures the glycemic index (Canva – recipesprint.it)

Blood sugar undergoes a surge upwards if precisely this measure is exceeded and if you get to eat double, triple or even more strawberries.

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The type of natural sugar brought by their consumption is fructose, but the consumption of strawberries does not lead to dangerous glycemic swings with the typical peaks instead of many industrially made products, or other types of fruit.

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