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Does gluten-free make you lose weight? The truth will blow your mind: finally the truth

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Does gluten-free make you lose weight?  The truth will blow your mind: finally the truth
Does eliminating gluten make you lose weight?-ifood (photo pexels)

For some time now we have been hearing about a gluten-free diet used to lose weight. But is it really so? Let’s find out the truth.

For some time there has been a particular attention around the gluten because of the many people affected by celiac disease, or allergy or intolerance to this substance. But what is gluten? And what does it mean in those who are allergic or intolerant of it?

It’s about a protein blend that occurs naturally within some grains and which is also formed when these are mixed.

It is very present in baked goods such as bread, biscuits and pizza, it does not come destroyed with cooking but is instead an essential component for leavening.

People sensitive to this protein complex, who are defined as intolerant although it is a true autoimmune disease, suffer if they eat the offending foods abdominal pains, swelling or weight loss, tiredness, headaches and sometimes dermatitis. According to some studies, however, even people who do not really suffer from celiac disease can however be affected by intestinal inflammation that this entails. This is why the idea is gaining ground that it is better to eliminate gluten from the diet and that this would also help you lose weight. It’s really like this?

Does the gluten-free diet help you lose weight?

First of all, let’s clarify in itself gluten does not contribute anything to our body, therefore in theory it could also be totally eliminated from one’s diet as long as carbohydrates and cereals are not eliminated. It is therefore good to know that there are cereals or pseudocereals naturally gluten-free. Any examples? Rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, quinoa and amaranth are perfect. What to eat then? For breakfast you could opt for plain yogurt, skim milk, or soy milk accompanied by sugar-free products such as puffed cereals among those indicated.

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You can also make great cookies using legume flours. In fact, legumes are also found in the form of flours. And why not make bread or crackers too? In addition, they have an excellent protein value. Furthermore, for a gluten-free and balanced diet you can eat white meats, lean red meats once a week, fish, even aged or fresh cheeses but with low fats such as ricotta. So does eliminating gluten make you lose weight?

gluten-free breakfast-ifood
Gluten-free breakfast-ifood (Pixabay photo)

The truth

Actually eliminating gluten from your diet it doesn’t make you lose weight. Indeed, by choosing some gluten-free products on the market, you risk the opposite effect. This is because often these flours are added with starchy substances that act as a glue like gluten, and this makes increase calories and sugar. So the glycemic index is also affected, making these products unsuitable for diabetics.

In summary, therefore, if you want to lose weight by eliminating gluten from your diet, choose foods that naturally do not contain it and avoid specific gluten-free products. Eating gluten-free only deflates those with a full-blown intolerance because it is thought that intolerant foods make you fatter (but this topic is very controversial and there are conflicting opinions about it).

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