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Does meat contain gluten? Let’s read carefully

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Does meat contain gluten?  Let’s read carefully

Can meat contain gluten, reality or fake news? Let’s try to understand and clarify the matter.

The news has been circulating on the web for some time that the meat we commonly buy at the supermarket contains gluten, which would be a real problem because he discovered he suffers from celiac disease. But is this news true or is it yet another hoax ready to generate general panic?

Supermarket packaged meat -CheCucino

Basically the celiac disease and the immune reaction when taking gluten, this means that in the long run inflammation occurs which damages the lining of the intestinal walls which prevents the absorption of some nutrients.


In essence, it is one of the most common intolerances and which implies the impossibility for the affected subjects to take the gluten present in barley, wheat, rye and so on. The only true treatment possible against celiac disease is one diet totally gluten freeFor people with celiac disease this translates into the need to buy products specially made without gluten and for this reason it is also important to deny false news that could only cause damage.

Meat vs gluten, pay attention to labels

The short answer is that no, meat cannot contain gluten and this is because it is impossible for the cereals with which animals are fed to end up contaminating the meat that ends up on the counter in the butcher’s department.

It is, therefore, a naturally gluten-free food and this is because the protein is taken up and metabolised by the animal. But pay attention to the labels, it is always important to read them.

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gluten-free meat
The meat is naturally gluten-free -CheCucino

Attention to the labels because if the meat is naturally gluten-free the same cannot be said of the semi finished that is, here products that have undergone a further manufacturing process. In fact, the addition of other ingredients may have tainted the meat with gluten at this point.

It is the case of meatballs, hamburger but also stuffed skewers or meat sandwiches and so on, in these cases the simple addition of breadcrumbs, for example, could create problems for coeliacs. So read the labels or ask your butcher and let him advise you best.

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