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Does not getting enough sleep make you fat? The answer is not obvious and will leave you speechless

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Does not getting enough sleep make you fat?  The answer is not obvious and will leave you speechless
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Is it true that little sleep affects our body weight? Here’s everything you need to know.

Sleeping well and getting the right amount of time is essential for the general health and well-being of our body. During sleep, the body and mind regenerate, allowing the body to recover and the brain to process the day’s information. This is why it is important to pay attention to the quality of sleep and adopt habits that promote adequate rest.

First, getting good sleep has numerous health benefits. Quality sleep improves concentration, memory and cognition. It also promotes good mood and emotional stability, reducing the risk of anxiety and depression.

Adequate sleep is also associated with increased resistance to diseasea stronger immune system and a better hormonal balance.

In short, sleeping well is essential, adopting a regular routine, creating a comfortable environment and following good sleep habits are important strategies to promote quality sleep. Also because if this information is not correctly ‘respected’, some discomfort may arise. One of these is precisely about getting fat. Is it true that little sleep makes you fat? Let’s find out together.

Sleep well, food is the first solution

A light dinner, with unprocessed foods certainly helps sleepOne solution is to let more than 8 hours pass between dinner and breakfast in order to favor the secretion of GH – somatotropin – which stimulates liposis.

Lipolysis, or the one that affects the elimination of fat, helps to lose weight. For this reason it is advisable, once or twice a week, to have dinner before 19:00 and breakfast around 8:00 in the morning. Here’s how sleep affects body weight.

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How sleep affects satiety.
How sleep affects satiety.IFood.it

Sleeping little, the consequences on weight

Sleeping little creates a hormonal imbalance that produces an increase in appetite and we tend to look for sweet foods rich in sugars and fats. In fact, sleeping little and badly decreases the levels of leptin, the satiety hormone and, conversely, increases the levels of ghrelin, the appetite hormone; therefore, we tend to eat more. Getting fat like this is much easier.

In conclusion, sleeping well is essential for the body because it affects the body. Satiety, in particular, is ‘compromised’ if sleep is lacking. It is therefore sleep well and at least more than 6-7 hours a day. Also because those who rest only 6 hours in a year can end up with 6 kg more.

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