Home Health Does sweating really make you lose weight or is it a false belief? Let’s find out the truth about this physiological process

Does sweating really make you lose weight or is it a false belief? Let’s find out the truth about this physiological process

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It is a very common thought that sweat makes you lose weight. But is it really so? Is sweating really enough to burn calories? Let’s find out.

Sweating is very important for our body, but for the reason we believe? (Image by Pexels from Pixabay)


How many times have we seen people dressed too heavily for running along the waterfront welding Moreover? But does it really make sense? Yes burn more calories sweating? Let’s take a step back: what is sweat.

The sweat it is a physiological act that allows us to control our internal temperature. Seeking new ways to sweat more is useless lose weight and let’s find out why.

Sweating is good, but for the reason we believe?

There are a thousand ways to sweat more and all are adopted in the absolute belief that sweating is enough to lose weight. But if we dwell on the composition of sweat, which is certainly not formed by fat ma water, we can already answer the starting question. After sweating you can weigh yourself and see that yes, there is a variation, but it’s just water and just replenish by drinking to return to the starting weight.

Sweat, in addition to water is composed of electrolytes, that is to say sali minerals: sodium, chlorine, potassium and magnesium, and is a response of our body to a high internal temperature due to orexercise or to external temperature. Sweating is a very important mechanism for our body, but it doesn’t do any good to make it sweat on your own initiative.

Sweat is responsible for regulating the internal temperature, which should remain around 37° to ward off a overheating, however what really brings it down is not the sweat but theevaporation of the latter: called process convection, that’s why it’s important to leave breathe the skin.

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It is important to reiterate it always and in any case, after we sweat it is very important reinstatement liquids via water O drinks with mineral salts, thus allowing our body to remain hydrated.

What to do to lose weight: sweating therefore does not make you lose weight, what allows it is thephysical activity because it allows you to consume energy and therefore lose weight.
Our body is managed by this subtle relationship between incoming calories e calories out and sweat, which is just a liquid, has nothing to do with it.


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