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Donation for the “Gianluca Paterlini” gym

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From the father of the eighteen-year-old who disappeared, one hundred thousand euros to contribute to the expense of the Municipality for the D’Arzo school complex. The inauguration will take place on Saturday 15th January

MONTECCHIO. The new gym with tensile structure of the Silvio D’Arzo di Montecchio school will be inaugurated on Saturday 15 January, in the presence of local and regional authorities. The construction of the new gym is entirely financed by the Municipality of Montecchio, without any debt on the part of the same. The total cost of this operation is 400 thousand euros, which have already been included in the 2021 budget.

The “Gianluca Paterlini Onlus Foundation” donated 100,000 euros for the construction of the structure for the high school pupils. Mayor Fausto Torelli and the municipal administration express their thanks to the Paterlini family for the donation of 100,000 euros to the community.

The new sports structure will remember the figure of Gianluca Paterlini, who died prematurely at the age of 18 due to a car accident. The gymnasium will be mainly intended for the children of Montecchio, according to the will of Gianluca’s father, Rolando Paterlini. This project will ideally unite the children of Montecchio and those of the “New Bambini School” of Thika, in Kenya, the beautiful structure created in 2000 by the founder Rolando Paterlini in memory of his son and managed through the foundation, which today provides education to over 800 children and was recently awarded as the best school in Kenya.

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Mayor Fausto Torelli commented on the donation for the gym as follows: “It will be a new and important sports facility for Montecchio, the one that was born in the D’Arzo complex, which will allow us to increase the supply of indoor sports facilities in Montecchio today. insufficient, and to make up for the momentary inconvenience due to the restructuring of the sports hall. It is nice to hear from our industrialists and neighboring citizens, with contributions that help build structures that remain in favor of the community over time. We also have other important architectural works to arrange in Montecchio Emilia: the former municipal slaughterhouse, the first floor of Casa Cavezzi, the Enza park, the Parmigiano Reggiano museum in Aiola (former bowling alley) and other initiatives that only with the help of private individuals we will be able to make them available to the community. I again sincerely thank the Paterlini family, and I hope that others will follow the example to help us make Montecchio an increasingly welcoming and beautiful place to live ».

Father Rolando Paterlini, a successful Montechio entrepreneur, owner of the Montechiarugolo racecourse, will also be present at the inauguration of the structure and the plaque that will bear the name of the “Gianluca Paterlini Foundation”; patron of a professional cycling team (Bardiani), of an amateur football team (Montecchio) and benefactor.

The entrepreneur Rolando Paterlini, at over 80 years old, manages the company in Strada per Bibbiano. From there it governs its other five corporate structures, including CSF Sarl, which is based in France.

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