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Don’t drink chamomile tea every day, here’s what happens: “attention”

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Don’t drink chamomile tea every day, here’s what happens: “attention”

The chamomile it is one of the few plants with numerous beneficial properties, in particular it is very widespread and consumed for its sedative and calming abilities on our body, therefore in case of stress and anxiety, but also for its extraordinary hypoglycemic power. Precisely for this reason, doctors strongly recommend the intake of this plant even for people with diabetes. But let’s try to understand something more than this plant. Chamomile, scientifically called “Matricaria recutita”, is a plant belonging to the large Asteraceae family.

This particular denomination derives from the Greek word chamàimēlon formed by chamài which means “of the soil” and mēlon, which means “apple”, precisely because of the smell that resembles that of dwarf apple. Let’s find out more about the features and the side effects of the chamomile. This aromatic plant is bushy, its leaves are alternate and oblong in shape; the flowers are gathered in small flower heads and are easily recognized because they have a white ligule and corolla yellow.

For what concern fruit, the latter is an achene of about 1 mm in length, of light color; Chamomile flowers are generally used for the preparation of infusions with a mildly sedative action. The plant has mainly antispasmodic properties, which are able to produce considerable muscle relaxation, thanks to the presence in its dense complex of flavonoids and coumarins.

All these beneficial combinations of active ingredients make it chamomile a relaxant of excellent quality, very useful in case of intestinal cramps or indigestion, but also when we experience symptoms of nervous tension and stress. Other important properties of chamomile are the mucilage, which have a protective action on the mucous membranes and coumarin, which greatly promotes the health and resistance of the capillaries, also carrying out a spasmolytic, antibacterial and even antiviral action. Chamomile is also able to provide small amounts of vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

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Despite all these beneficial abilities, we must certainly not abuse them. In fact, a daily consumption of chamomile it has no negative effect on our body, but obviously this does not mean that it should be consumed in exaggerated quantities every day, the recommended dose is 1-2 cups a day, exceeding this quota is considered an abuse and is never recommended, but anyway the contraindications are not many and they are not serious. Even babies and children they can safely take chamomile, which helps to alleviate the annoying colic that disturb their sleep.

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