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“Don’t eat these cheeses!”: They raise cholesterol

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The daily consumption of cheese it is extremely harmful for health. Just think that the amount of sale present in a portion of cheese is much higher than that contained in a portion of packaged chips. As a result, when you eat cheese, your blood pressure rises dramatically and blood circulation is slower and more tiring. As if that weren’t enough, the cholesterol e i saturated fats some cheese increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. THE risks of high cholesterol, called in medical language hypercholesterolemia, in people predisposed to heart disease, can be fatal as they could escalate into episodes of heart attack or stroke.

After a meal consisting mainly of cheeses, one usually feels full and sleepy, so much so that the post-lunch nap becomes something that is difficult to resist. The reason for the typical tiredness and fatigue of post-cheese depends on the change in the density of the blood, which becomes more viscous. According to the researchers, the abdominal swelling caused by the consumption of cheese seems to be due to a general intolerance of the population towards lactose and casein, the protein contained in milk and its derivatives. Taking into consideration the numbers and the received ones to realize the seriousness of the problem, it has been calculated that at least 70% of the world population has some form of intolerance to milk and dairy products, in a form that can be symptomatic or asymptomatic based on the index of intolerance.

Avoid the consumption of cheeses it is very important because even if the negative effects are not immediately visible, you have to do a investment for the future because eating cheese every day in the long run can lead to very serious, even fatal consequences.

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Alarmism? Absolutely not!

Cheese, being an extremely fatty and full of salt food, contributes to the spread of obesity and diseases such as hypertension, causing hypercholesterolemia, various diseases affecting the cardiovascular system and, last but not least, diabetes.

We remind you that the increase in cholesterol, caused by the consumption of cheese, causes an increase in fats inside the arteries which, over time, end up narrowing and, in the worst case, become obstructed, blocking the passage of blood.

Gradual narrowing of blood vessels, especially in old age, can be one of the risk factors for senile dementia and, in particular, for Alzheimer’s disease.

An additional risk factor of eating cheese is that of coming across osteoporosis over time. It might seem paradoxical, given that milk and its derivatives have always been considered the best sources of calcium in the diet. However, it has been studied that the association of a high content of animal proteins and calcium can cause an alteration of vitamin D, an element necessary for good bone maintenance.

The solution to all these problems is stop eating cheese. In fact, just think that milk is a food reserved for babies and children in their first phase of growth: this is why it is so rich in nutrients, but at the same time in fat and calories. We, as adults, have no need to consume it, not even in the form of derivatives!

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