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Doom players play Doom in Doom | 4Gamers

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Doom players play Doom in Doom | 4Gamers

Playing “Doom” on Lego blocks and “Doom” on a pregnancy test stick, after a long period of technical demonstrations by the “Will it run DOOM?” community, we finally saw the new singularity in this field. In “Will it run DOOM?” Play Doom in the Doom game.

That’s right, this time “Doom” is not modified on the real carrier, but “Doom” is played in the “Doom” game itself. In other words, the engineer must have manipulated the code. This discovery comes from kgsws. He said in his own video that he found a way to find a command in the game file code that can be used to execute the file, “SpawnMapThing”, which can set weapons, enemies, etc. in the game.

In order to implement the game in the game, there is a “state code” in the game that can indicate what state the enemy is in (such as death animation), so he carried out a series of complex modding processes that are difficult for others to understand, trying to find a way to ” The “SpawnMapThing” executable code is copied and pasted to the status code to realize playing “Doom” in “Doom”.

Apparently kgsws was not satisfied with playing games in the small room in the game, he also greatly modified the game itself, making the first level of Doom into a cinema-like place, where he can freely adjust the lighting of the theater , you can also play Doom in it.

kgsws released his modded works on Github for players to experience, and with this release, maybe next, we will see modded masters in “Doom” in “Doom” in “Doom” in “Doom” It doesn’t seem too strange to play “Doom” in “Doom”… right?

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