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Double game in the Gym: priority to the boys

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Double game in the Gym: priority to the boys

The Paduan women’s team ASD Quadrato Meticcio showed up regularly on Friday evening to play the CSEN Tuttocampo Cup amateur championship match but was unable to play its home match as the field was occupied by the men’s Serie D Italian Cup.

PADUA – The women’s futsal team on Friday evening ASD Mestizo Square shows up in the gym US Christmas Usd to play the amateur league match Tuttocampo Cup organized by the CSEN. Place where they have been training regularly since September 2021 and where they play their home games. The opposing team arrives, the GS Ariano, from Ariano nel Polesine, Rovigo. The referee arrives too. And there, the surprise.

  • This evening the men’s team plays the Veneto cup. The field is busy
  • But how, you have our match calendar from September, we also spoke two days ago!

Due to a technical problem, the match of the men’s home team in Serie D FIGC was also organized at the same time. There is no response to the girls’ first complaints, there is no dialogue. They play and period. There is no room for recriminations. Indeed, words of arrogance and almost disdain.

You can play after us, but it’s the Cup, we could go to penalties…

For the opposing team it is an impossible thing to do. A journey of almost an hour and a half, with some underage athletes who have to go to school the next day.

The athletes of the Quadrato Meticcio therefore entered the field barefoot, before the men’s match, to protest and explain to the audience what had happened.

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Game lost at the table 6-0. Adding insult to injury, as they had finally finally obtained their first point since December 2019.

All that remains is to do a third time together, even if the first two did not take place. It doesn’t matter if the girls have a private life, study, work, etc. and make all the efforts of their male “colleagues”. It doesn’t matter if they pay the camp out of their own pocket every month with a regular invoice.

Asd Quadrato Meticcio is not a team like any other. It was born to save a football pitch in a popular and multi-ethnic area of ​​Padua. From the initial men’s teams (from the youth teams to the first football and futsal teams) in 2017 the women’s futsal team was also born with a purpose already clearly stated from the beginning: “Popular Women’s and Feminist Squad“. It is mainly made up of student volunteers from the association who teach after-school children and create activities to involve the neighborhood, girls who have never kicked a ball seriously in their lives.

A team also made up of Erasmus students in Padua, in a melting pot of languages, ethnicities and religions where everyone is accepted for what they are. All with one common purpose: sport must be inclusive as well as fun. Sport is also a social tool for aggregation and the fight against discrimination of all kinds.

And here we are on Friday evening. Where, suddenly, what was supposed to be a normal championship match turned into yet another act of sexism. There are federal regulations according to which, depending on the category, there are priorities in matches and the men’s Serie D and the Veneto Cup are above the women’s TuttocampoCup amateur championship. But there is always the way, the attitude, the respect and the attitude towards people. A serious mistake made by Us. Nativitas Usd, who write on their Facebook page:
The structure is available, upon reservation, for volleyball, mini-volleyball, soccer, five-a-side football, women’s soccer, artistic gymnastics, etc.

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But maybe that’s not exactly the case.

This is the official press release of the ASD Quadrato Meticcio:

We find ourselves once again having to mediate with inequalities in the world of sport. Unfortunately yesterday they didn’t let us play the Tuttocampo Cup match due to an error in the management of the gym.
Before leaving the facility, we decided to take a small action because going onto the pitch meant in some way making ourselves visible to those who had gone there (players and fans), perhaps triggering personal and collective reflections on what happened. Emphasizing that we entered the field barefoot or specifically putting our soccer shoes on our feet, so as not to damage it.

We lost the match 6-0 and with an economic penalty. And we want to underline our anger at not having played the match, at the difference in treatment we are given as an amateur team, an even stronger disparity as women. The gyms assign us rentals at times when (perhaps) only women’s teams would accept almost out of exhaustion.
“We are the ones who train at night and have the last few shifts in the gyms, we are the ones who are often made sexist comments about how we play or for our bodies, we are the ones who then, not being performing and very good, are treated badly.

But here we are.
We claim that we are the Mestizo Square and we will try to highlight the gray areas that do not allow for changes, even small ones, in the world we live in.

We leave you the entire press release attached, which you can find on our social networks (Feminine Meticcio square c5 | Padua | Facebook), and the video of the action carried out yesterday in the field together with what was transcribed.
We apologize once again to the opposing team and hope to see you soon on the pitch.
We pray diffusion to reach from the bottom up and that what happened yesterday to us doesn’t happen again.

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