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double incidence compared to 2019, alarm among children

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The curve grows flu: in the week week from 8 to 14 November the incidence reached 4.2 cases per thousand assisted, a value more than double compared to the same period of the 2019 season, the last pre-pandemic. Children under the age of five are mainly affected. This is what emerges from the weekly report on the monitoring of flu-like syndrome carried out by the surveillance network InfluNet of the National Institute of Health.

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The report refers to data reported by 853 doctors sentinel distributed throughout the national territory. In the past week, a total of 246,000 cases of influenza have been reported; 811,000 since the start of the season.

The trend that had been glimpsed in previous surveys is confirmed as regards the most affected age groups: in children under 5 the incidence is equal to 17.87 cases per thousand assisted, in that 5-14 years 4.47, between 15 and 64 years is 3.63 cases per thousand and over sixty-five years, 65 years drop to 2.07 cases per thousand assisted. At the moment not all regions have activated surveillance. Among the Regions that sent the data, Piedmont has the highest incidence rates with 6.29 cases per thousand assisted.

Last updated: Thursday 18 November 2021, 19:17

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