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dr Csaba Losonc: The precursors of arthrosis and what everyone can do about it

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dr  Csaba Losonc: The precursors of arthrosis and what everyone can do about it

MEDICUM Rhein-Ahr-Eifel GmbH

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (ots)

dr Csaba Losonc is the founder and medical director of the medical care center MEDICUM Rhein-Ahr-Eifel in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, together with his team of various health specialists, supports his patients in leading a pain-free life again. For this purpose, the specialist relies on holistic treatment and avoids cortisone or surgery if possible. Here you can find out how to recognize arthrosis early and what can be done about it.

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease worldwide. Many millions of people suffer from it – and the trend is rising. Probably because their harbingers are usually painless and unspectacular. Rarely is the pathological joint wear and tear recognized at an early stage. “It’s a huge problem,” said Dr. Csaba Losonc knows. As the founder and medical director of the medical care center MEDICUM Rhein-Ahr-Eifel, he helps his patients lead a pain-free life. He relies on a holistic treatment, which in the best case does not require measures such as cortisone treatment or surgery. “To date, arthrosis is not curable, but patients benefit from numerous treatment options. These improve their quality of life enormously. In order to be able to initiate optimal therapy, however, sufferers must be aware of the precursors of arthrosis,” explains the specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery. What it is and how arthrosis can be treated, Dr. Csaba Losonc betrayed below.

The early signs of osteoarthritis

The harbingers of osteoarthritis are not always easy to interpret. After all, this is a progressive disease, the beginnings of which are usually painless. Sometimes there is swelling in the knees, discomfort after heavy exertion or anatomical changes such as a thickening. But deformation or frequent cracking in the joints can also indicate arthrosis. Those affected also often report restricted mobility due to stiff joints. Nevertheless, these symptoms are rarely considered in total. A doctor is often only consulted when the arthrosis is already more advanced.

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That is why quick action is so important

If the diagnosis is made late, the therapy for osteoarthritis is usually more intensive and therefore more expensive. In contrast, early measures are easier to implement and also significantly cheaper. For example, a change in diet, physiotherapy or weight reduction can already help here. Targeted sport also helps to alleviate early symptoms. However, if the symptoms have already increased, more intensive treatment is required. This may involve medical procedures and possibly injections.

Everyone should therefore be examined by an orthopedist or sports medicine specialist at least once a year. Arthritic changes can thus be recognized early and treated successfully.

Which measures prove effective when osteoarthritis is suspected

If osteoarthritis is suspected, those affected can also have apparatus-based examinations carried out. For example, a gait analysis shows whether the statics of the body are working properly. Imaging methods, such as X-rays or MRI scans, have also proven effective in making arthritic changes in the joints visible. Following these examinations, experienced physicians discuss with the patient which type of therapy is suitable for them. However, surgery is only recommended when no other treatment options are available.

It is also important not to inject cortisone if you are ill. It is not without reason that many people call it a poison that can increase arthrosis. Rather, patients should exhaust all available examination techniques and therapy options. Together with an experienced specialist, the best possible treatment can be guaranteed. Her goal is clear: A worsening of the arthrosis should be avoided permanently.

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Would you like to enjoy a pain-free and fulfilling life despite your arthrosis or other illnesses? Register now with Dr. Csaba Losonc and make an appointment!

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