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“Dressed for the gym, they didn’t want me at the restaurant”

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“Dressed for the gym, they didn’t want me at the restaurant”

“We are fully booked, call next time to book”. This is how the host Andrea Delogu heard from the owner of the trattoria under the house in Rome, when she, at lunchtime, showed up in the company of her boyfriend Luigi Bruno.

The misadventure, Andrea Delogu told it in a video on TikTok: “I finish the gym, dressed as a gym. I go under the house, where a restaurant has opened and I wanted to try it. I go to the lady outside and ask her if there are two places for eat. This lady squares me, squares the person who was with me. We were dressed for the gym, and tells us that the restaurant is full “, explained the host”.

In reality the restaurant “was empty, there were three tables. He tells me it was full and that we had to book. He gives me the note”. Then Delogu decides to try to book on the phone: “I call and ask for a table for twenty minutes later, for three people. She asks me if in or out, ‘we are waiting for you’. I am pissed off. I told her I was the girl from before. and that then they had bounced back because we were badly dressed “. “But in 2022 is there still dress code in a club?” Delogu wondered. “She pissed me off with the lie. I was upset.”

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