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Drinking coffee in the evening can be burdensome for our health: here’s why

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Drinking coffee in the evening can be burdensome for our health: here’s why

Drink coffee in the evening hours it is everyone’s dream, but its consumption, at this stage of the day, is unfortunately absolutely not recommended. This was stated by a medical research published by an important Canadian magazine, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and states that drinking even a cup of coffee in the evening could even change our biological clock. , which is a real internal clock, which regulates numerous physiological processes in our body, making it balanced.

Therefore a destabilization of our clock, caused by thecoffee intake in the hours close to nightit causes difficulties in sleeping even in the nights following the intake of coffee, since our habits vary as we no longer sleep at night, because of the caffeinewhich causes the same effect of light, having a negative influence on our life, because it does not allow our biological clock to take the right course, sleep is delayed of just over half an hour, making us regret having taken that cup of coffee just before going to bed and not a few hours before.

Doctors have also verified that there are different levels of melatonin at different times of the day, specifically the levels of melatonin during the day, are much lower than those in the evening. Hence the assumption of coffee in the hours close to the eveningdoes nothing but change the regular course of our biological clock, causing a destabilization that will lead to an inevitable change in our habits.

We must not forget, which is also the cause of not waking up rested, because even if after some time we manage to fall asleep, it certainly will not be a moment of satisfying rest, because due to the caffeine, we would have a disturbed sleep, and therefore we will not wake up rested.

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But you have to be careful, because not taking caffeinated drinks in the evening does not eliminate insomnia, which can be a consequence of any problem, thought or doubt. The same medical research, which advises against the coffee in the hours close to the night, he recommends which drinks are instead that conciliate sleep and bring benefits, among the most recommended we have a hot herbal tea, which can be based on chamomile or barley.

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