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Drinking coffee, in the right amount, is good for the heart

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Drinking coffee, in the right amount, is good for the heart

What is the recommended daily dose of coffee? Drinking two or three cups a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseasesuch as coronary heart disease, heart failure and ischemic stroke: this is what emerges from a very recent scientific study conducted by researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

A panacea for the cardiovascular system

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and Italians – on average – drink about it 4 cups a day. The scientific research in question was conducted on a group of quasi 450 thousand adultsof which 55% women, with different habits in terms of coffee consumption, both in terms of quantity and type and variety.

After comparing all the data collected, it emerged that the daily consumption of a modest dose of coffee, regardless of the type (decaffeinated, ground and soluble) reduces mortality by at least 10% compared to those who do not drink coffee. These data suggest that the benefit could be induced not so much by caffeine, but by some of the people 100 biologically active components present in this beloved drink.

In short, drink modest quantities of coffee – of all kinds – it is a habit that it shouldn’t be discouragedas it can determine significant benefits against all the most frequent cardiovascular diseases.

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