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Driponin® from Pädia – now in a new pack size

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Driponin® from Pädia – now in a new pack size

For the oral treatment of scabies

Heppenheim, December 13, 2023 – On December 15, 2023, Pädia GmbH in Germany will introduce a fourth pack size with 6 tablets for the prescription drug Driponin 3 mg tablets with the active ingredient Ivermectin.

The administration of tablets for the clinical picture caused by scabies mites has advantages over external whole-body treatment with permethrin, benzyl benzoate or crotamiton. Driponin is dosed according to body weight (0.2 mg/kg body weight) and only needs to be given once per treatment. This improves patient adherence to therapy and reduces possible application errors.

Driponin is suitable for use in affected community facilities as well as for the always necessary treatment of all close contacts of the patients. Scabies is becoming more common and the season is expanding: the media reported on an increase in cases in Germany as early as July this year.

As of December 15, 2023, Driponin is available in four pack sizes:

4 tablets: PZN 14446053

6 tablets: PZN 18828981

8 tablets: PZN 14446076

20 tablets PZN 17416319


About the preparation

About Pedia

Pädia GmbH develops preparations for children and is a 100% subsidiary of InfectoPharm Arzneimittel and Consilium GmbH.


Company contact
InfectoPharm Arzneimittel and Consilium GmbH
Dr. Dominik Vogt
Von Humboldt Street 1
64646 Heppenheim
06252 95-7000

Press contact
rfw. communication
Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen
Poststrasse 9
64293 Darmstadt
06151 3990-0

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