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drop by drop, health to the death • Imola Oggi

PIAZZA LIBERTA ‘, the information program conceived and conducted by Armando Manocchia, returns on Saturday at 20.30 on Byoblu with protagonists of a scientific study who analyzed the blood of “vaccinated and non-vaccinated”. The dark field optical microscope has revealed things that you humans would never be able to imagine.
We will talk about it with the doctors who carried out this important research just published in a scientific journal.

The guests of the episode: DROP BY DROP so outside, as inside. Health to the death, yesono:

1) Franco Giovannini, Surgeon, Homotoxicologist, deals with microscopic hemodiagnostics, Oxygen Ozonotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Homeotoxicology; and – for more than 30 years, of Soil Medicine. He is the owner of the Giovannini Biodiagnostic Medical Center, headquarters of the AMBB of Mantua.

2) Gianpaolo PisanoSurgeon Specialist in Otolaryngology, Master in Cytology, Researcher at Univ. UNISED.

3) Riccardo Benzi CipelliMerico Surgeon Specialist in Odontomastology, Periodontologist, owner of Studio BENZI Dental Clinic Vigevano

In the present study – the authors say – we analyzed, with an optical microscope in a dark field, fresh peripheral blood drops taken from the fingertip by means of a lancing device. 1006 subjects analyzed: 948, equal to 94% of the total, showed, after inoculation of vaccines with mRNA at an average distance of one month, various alterations in the state of aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence in the peripheral blood of particles of various shapes and sizes of dubious nature.

In 12 subjects, blood tests were performed with the same method before the “vaccination”, with absolutely normal haematological pictures. The alterations found after inoculation of the mRNA vaccines reinforce the suspicion that the modifications would be related in the first instance to the vaccines themselves.

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The study reports in detail 4 clinical cases, chosen as summaries and representative of the entire case series. Further investigation is needed to define the exact nature of the particles found in the blood to identify possible solutions.

To find out more, follow the broadcast on Saturday 30 July at 8.30 pm on BYOBLU Dt 262, on Tivùsat channel 462, on Sky channel 816 and on the Byoblu website.


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