Home Health Drunk enters a club and beats three men: 26 years old ends up in hospital

Drunk enters a club and beats three men: 26 years old ends up in hospital

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Drunk enters a club and beats three men: 26 years old ends up in hospital

SAN SEVERINO – A 27-year-old Romanian has been reported who attacked the two owners of a kebab in the central Piazza del Popolo, accusing one of them of having made compliments to his girlfriend. After the arrival of the carabinieri he returned and punched a third Pakistani, taken to the Camerino hospital

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from Francesca Marsili

Aggression in the historic center of San Severino: young Romanian in the throes of alcohol he enters a club and beats three Pakistanis, one of them ended up in hospital. The episode took place last night, at about midnight and a half, when a 27-year-old boy of Romanian origin, after entering with his girlfriend in a kebab shop in Piazza del Popolo run by two Pakistanis, hurled himself violently. against both by beating them. At the basis of the attack there would be the fact that, according to what was declared by the Romanian, one of the managers of the restaurant would have made an appreciation to his girlfriend. That would have been enough for the young man to strike blows at the owners of the place who did not react. Immediately after the arrival in Piazza del Popolo of the carabinieri patrol, called to detect the personal details of those involved in the brawl, the Romanian wriggled, went back into the room and started punching a third Pakistani, aged 26, who was inside at that moment. The 118 intervention was immediate and he was transported to the Camerino hospital for further investigations. A second police patrol also intervened in support of the first. To calm the state of agitation, the Romanian was sedated by the medical staff. The 27-year-old was sued for private violence, threats, harassment and disturbance of people, personal injury and harassing drunkenness by the Carabinieri of the Company of Tolentino directed by Captain Giulia Maggi.

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