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Drunk, he masturbates in front of Romani’s gym: denounced

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Drunk, he masturbates in front of Romani’s gym: denounced

He was immediately identified, reached by the Casalmaggiore Carabinieri Radiomobile, contacted by a woman who had gone there to bring her daughter home from the gym, a 30-year-old man living in Parma and of foreign nationality, who got a complaint for harassing drunkenness and obscene acts in a public place.

The facts date back to Wednesday evening, around 10 pm: a mother, as mentioned, goes just outside the Romani School of Casalmaggiore, where her daughter has just finished training with the local volleyball team. The man approaches the car, inside which the woman has previously closed for safety, and begins to masturbate. At that point the woman immediately contacts the Carabinieri, who from the nearby barracks in via Cavour take a few minutes to reach the scene.

The man was identified and it was discovered that he was in the grip of alcohol fumes: for this reason a double complaint was triggered for him, as mentioned for drunkenness, harassment and obscene acts in a public place. Such a gesture is obviously deplorable in any case and in any public place, but it seems to be even more so if it happens near a school, and a school complex that hosts almost a thousand students from all over the Oglio Po district.

It is true that at that time the school was closed but, as seen, the gym is often active even in the evening during the week, as in the specific case reported. Without forgetting that, adjacent to the Polo Romani, there are the small gardens, often populated – albeit a little less than in the past – by teenagers or children.

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