Home Health due to a lack of doctors, he is unable to cover shifts. The vast area is ready to affect other departments, but here’s how Ascoli has solved

due to a lack of doctors, he is unable to cover shifts. The vast area is ready to affect other departments, but here’s how Ascoli has solved

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SAN BENDETTO – Due to a lack of doctors in emergency medicine, it is not possible to cover the shifts and knocks on the other departments. The management has decided to draw on operators from other sectors to make up for the shortcomings of theemergency, hence the denunciation that today comes from the Salviamo il Madonna del Soccorso Committee. Meanwhile the CGIL raises the alarm on radiology that goes on with obsolete equipment diverting users to the private sector.

The emergency room has for some time been experiencing an emergency situation due to the limited number of doctors, just think that until a few years ago there were 18 and today it has many fewer. Situation similar to that experienced by Mazzoni of Ascoli where the leaders have devised a brief intensive Observation where to keep the sick under observation and alleviate the emergency. On the Riviera, on the other hand, doctors preferred to draw on doctors from the other departments and in this regard the Committee thunders: “Given the chronic shortage of health care identified in almost all the departments, the brilliant solution of the management would be to use the staff hired by the various medical departments (Medicine , Geriatrics, Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology) to cover this deficiency, clearly reducing or eliminating the operational capacity of the departments. Such personnel would be diverted from their duties not for a few days but for an indefinite period, since no one knows when the staff of the emergency room can be restored; therefore some departments would find themselves, in turn, at risk of paralysis ».

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«We wonder – says the Committee – why the problem cannot be solved using the medical staff of Emergency Medicine, transforming the latter, temporarily, into a short prolonged observation. Since they say that this solution in San Benedetto is not feasible, since our emergency medicine would seem untouchable, we invite the councilor for health, the general director Asur and the medical director to take a leap into the AV5 to try to solve with a little common sense this very serious problem ».

There is also a complaint from the CGIL regarding the continuous maintenance that the vast area would use for CT scans and magnetic resonances. «In our opinion – affirms the Fp Cgil – it is no longer acceptable that we resort to yet another maintenance intervention: it is now necessary that we proceed, and quickly, with the purchase of a new instrumentation. It is inadmissible for us to see the semi-deserted waiting rooms while the Cup service directs citizens to the radiology of the private sector. After all the reports made, also related to other problems, such as that of the unification of the surgery and orthopedics departments, which puts health workers in serious difficulty in responding to the huge request coming from the territory “.

“Perhaps the time has come – the union closes – to make some issues known to the citizens in order to give the right stimulus to the vast area so that it can implement swift, timely and efficient action”.

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